Cheryl Derricotte: 2016 Society for Contemporary Craft LEAP Award Finalist

leapBig Congrats out to Cheryl P Derricotte – one of the finalists in the 2016 Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC) LEAP awards! The LEAP Award was established in 2007 in honor of SCC Director of Exhibitions Kate Lydon’s 20-years of service. The program recognizes exceptional emerging talent in the contemporary craft field and provides opportunities for these early career artists to bring their artwork to the consumer market. 

Cheryl P Derricotte, "Tumeric" (2015) Glass, 5" x 7"

Cheryl P Derricotte, “Tumeric” (2015) Glass, 5″ x 7″

Cheryl’s work was selected as the finalist for “Glass” category- and will be featured in the SCC’s Pittsburgh Craft Store in June & July 2016. Click HERE to read about the 2016 winner and the other artist finalists.

Cheryl P. Derricotte was one of the Washington Glass School’s inaugural Artist-In-Resident program and currently lives and makes art in Oakland, CA.

Cheryl has gone on to many big things – her solo exhibit “Ghost/Ships” opens next week at San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD). In her exhibit, Cheryl pays homage to Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum by “mining the library” (the British Library) for images related to the global slave trade.

Cheryl P Derricotte, "Slave Catching in the Indian Ocean", MoAD Museum

Cheryl P Derricotte, “Slave Catching in the Indian Ocean”, MoAD Museum

This show includes approximately 20 works that reveal images of people from African descent who come from diverse locales and were involved in the slave trade. Click HERE to jump to MoAD’s online description of her museum exhibit. The show runs Jan 27-April 3, 2016, with an opening reception Thurs eve Jan 28.





Museum of the African Diaspora
685 Mission St (at 3rd), San Francisco, CA 94105

Martin Luther King Day

David Datuna, "Portrait of America"

David Datuna, “Portrait of America”

In honor of MLK Day: Artist David Datuna‘s “Portrait of America” The work is a large collage is layered over with different optical lenses – a gigantic, 12-foot-long American flag, covered with portraits of American luminaries from George Washington to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Steve Jobs. As the entire piece is covered with eyeglass lenses of different prescriptions, it either magnifies or distorts the images, depending on how you look at them. 

Datuna used about 2,000 lenses to build his work.

Datuna used about 2,000 lenses to build his work.

Before he became an artist, David Datuna made his living working in an eyeglass store.
Learning to fit people with glasses, in many ways, was a lot like making art, he says. Every day, he saw how people viewed the same object through different lenses, colors, shapes and frames. In some sense, he could alter the way people saw the world.

'Portrait of America', the seminal work of David Datuna’s “Viewpoint of Billions” series, is the first public installation and artwork in the world to utilize Google Glass. The vision of an artist whose story is akin to the American dream, Portrait of America chronicles the journey of a diverse and great nation through a new visual language.

‘Portrait of America’, the seminal work of David Datuna’s “Viewpoint of Billions” series, is the first public installation and artwork in the world to utilize Google Glass. The vision of an artist whose story is akin to the American dream, Portrait of America chronicles the journey of a diverse and great nation through a new visual language.

In Memoriam: Marvin Lipofsky (1938- 2016)

Marvin Lipofsky

Marvin Lipofsky

Some sad news just came to the studio – we received word that Studio Glass great Marvin Lipofsky passed away. 

Marvin Lipofsky was one of the six students that Studio Glass founder Harvey Littleton instructed in a program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in fall 1962 and spring 1963. He was a central figure in the dissemination of the American Studio Glass Movement, introducing it to California through his tenure as an instructor at the University of California, Berkeley and the California College of Arts and Crafts. 

Marvin Lipofsky - L'viv Group, No. 2, 2001-2002. Blown, cut and sandblasted glass. 8.5 x 18.5 x 18 in.

Marvin Lipofsky – L’viv Group, No. 2, 2001-2002. Blown, cut and sandblasted glass. 8.5 x 18.5 x 18 in.

Many of Lipofsky’s works are colorful “bubbles” of glass. Often semi-translucent they allow the viewer to examine their depths. He was best known for the organic form of his pieces. “His art is about the visceral and the gestural,” wrote Studio Glass connoisseur Dan Klein. “The forms are inspired by internal organs, intestines, breast, stomachs, brains; their colorful, mottled, crumpled, broken shapes and expression of turbulence and restlessness.” Lipofsky is well known for having devoted his career in glass to endless variations on the turbulent, broken bubble form.

His work, in short, was about glassblowing and the way the ways in which a blown glass sphere could be opened, shaped and distorted.

Tina Oldknow, the retired Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass, has written that she admires Lipofsky “for his devotion to material and form. His non-objective vessels break apart and rearrange the blown glass mass while retaining the breathy, ephemeral quality that is one of the medium’s most intriguing characteristics”.

Marvin Lipofsky’s beautiful work provides a powerful and enduring legacy.

Call for Entry: EMULSION 2016!


East City Art (ECA) announces its Third Annual Regional Juried Show: EMULSION!

This call for entry is open to all residents of the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area, providing an opportunity for artists from the central Mid-Atlantic to showcase the extraordinary diversity in regional contemporary art.

An emulsion combines two seemingly incompatible ingredients to produce a third yet entirely new substance.  In this spirit, East City Art’s EMULSION seeks to combine the culturally different yet geographically close regions of Washington and Baltimore and to combine a wide array of art forms and mediums from two-dimensional work to performance based pieces.

This call for entry is open to all residents 18 years of age or over who reside or create art within 50 miles of East City Art’s headquarters located at 922 G Street SE. 

$1,500 First Place Prize
$1,000 Second Place Prize
$500 Third Place Prize
Two $150 Plaza Artist Materials Gift Cards via People’s Choice Awards

Gallery O on H located at 1354 H Street NE in the heart of the Atlas Entertainment District

Exhibition Dates
Opening Reception Sat. April 9, 2016
People’s Choice Awards: Sat. April 16, 2016
Exhibition on view April 9-15, 2016 with weeklong programming

Application Deadline
Monday, February 15, 2016 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST


Maryland Art Place Executive Director Amy Cavanaugh Royce

Full ECA Prospectus HERE

Apply online HERE

Fees: The application fee is $40

Work to be Considered: All work will be considered including but not limited to two dimensional work (painting, photography, digital imaging, drawing), three dimensional work (sculpture), performance art and new media.

About ECA: East City Art ’s mission is to connect local artists with the community at large by creating a dialog between artists and members of the community. As a community-based publication, East City Art highlights the irrefutable link between economic development and the arts, drawing attention to the valuable contributions artists, galleries and educational centers bring to neighborhoods. The visual arts provide neighborhood vitality and stimulate local businesses while encouraging residential and retail development. Most importantly, the arts provide a vibrant forum for community discussion, debate and discovery. East City Art believes art’s most important role lies in its ability to lift the human spirit through a common visual language that transcends class, race and gender.

For all inquiries please direct emails to

Get Back To Work!

The holidays are over – time to address the backlog of work for upcoming exhibits. Artist Sean Hennessey begins to work on a new series for shows this coming spring.

Glass artist Sean Hennessey, co-owner of Otis Street Arts, works it in the glass studio.

Glass artist Sean Hennessey, co-owner of Otis Street Arts, works it in the glass studio.

Sean Hennessey gets back to work. Look for Sean's work in NYC at upcoming art fairs!

Sean Hennessey gets back to work. Look for Sean’s work in NYC at upcoming art fairs!

Washington Glass School Dances In the New Year!

Dance With Us The rhythm of the cosmos Is a waltz In three steps Dream Create Sustain

Dance With Us
The rhythm of the cosmos
Is a waltz
In three steps

The crew at Washington Glass School wish all a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! May this new year bring all the crazy colors and fun in life!

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” — Albert Einstein 

2015 Year In Review: Washington Glass School

??????????????????????????????The year of 2015 started off with some great shows – and that is how the year ended! Some highs, some lows, some sad farewells. The circle of life in a glass studio. Have a quick trip down Memory Lane for the past 12 months:

January’s Salisbury University Galleries presented an exhibition of 21st Century glass artworks that showcased the expanded nature of contemporary sculptural glass art. Steven Durow, the Head of SU’s Art Department Glass Area was the curator of the exhibition. Said of the show: “Harvey Littleton, the recognized founder of the Studio Glass Movement in America famously quipped, “Technique is cheap.” Today, it is free. Now that an artist working in glass can do whatever they want, the focus becomes what will they choose to say with it? That [was] the focus of this exhibition.” 

levenson.2.cardAmerican University Museum in the Katzen Arts Center featured the insightful and disturbing kiln cast work by Silvia Levenson. Silvia channels her identity as a survivor of the Argentinian Dirty War and her work brought crowds to the AU Museum and talks about her work in January.

Sally Resnick Rockriver

The Brentwood Arts Exchange featured works by Ellyn Weiss, Pat Goslee and glass artist Sally Resnik Rockriver in “Unmapped”, where each artist presented art as a method of discovery, responding to forms and materials and explored their qualities as method of expression. Sally Resnick Rockriver’s sculpture combines ceramic glazes with hot glass, creating a thermal reactivity. 


Erwin Timmers investigates Robert Kincheloe’s cast glass guitar before the jam session started.


otis.street.arts_.mount_.rainier.md_.hennessey.mordini.jpg-1024x1024Otis Street Arts Project (OSAP) opened its group studio in Mt Rainier. Founded by artists Sean Hennessey and David Mordini, OSAP’s studio spaces adjacent to the Washington Glass Studio have been a welcome addition, engaging the arts community with exhibits, presentations and discussions. 

jra.montagure.clemmer.david.2015.jpgThe James Renwick Alliance and the Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted the annual Spring Craft Weekend in March, culminating with the Spring Craft Gala at the Willard. The soiree also honored David & Clemmer Montague with the JRA Distinguished Service Award. 

Howard Cohen has been presenting a course on the American Glass Movement at the Osher Institute at Towson University. Part of the course was to view contemporary glass artists and their studio. WGS’ Michael Janis gave a talk on his work and influences and had the class visit the Glass Studio and Maurine Littleton Gallery in Georgetown.

Towson University visited Maurine Littleton Gallery in Georgetown to be enlightened about the history of glass art.

Towson University visited Maurine Littleton Gallery in Georgetown to be enlightened about the history of glass art.

April’s Habatat Galleries‘43rd International Glass Invitational Exhibition was held at in Habatat’s spectacular Royal Oak, MI gallery. This huge exhibition featured over 100 artists from 22 countries with each exhibiting two glass artworks. 

Artist Sean Hennessey has his cast glass and video artwork featured in Pittsburgh’s Morgan Contemporary Glass show “Teapots“. sean.teapot

The American Center for Physics (ACP) explored the interplay between science and art. Sarah Tanguy was the Guest Curator for the show “FLOW” that featured sculptures by Washington Glass School artists Allegra Marquart, Syl Mathis, Debra Ruzinsky, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, and Audrey Wilson. 


torreThe Brothers De La Torre were the JRA’s Distinguished Artists in May. Einar and Jamex de la Torre showed their process at DC Glass Works studio and the mixed media artists spoke at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 

Visitors to the Glass School & Gateway Arts District might have noticed some artists had their faces plastered along Rhode Island Avenue – in the good way. Created by “Art Lives Here” an organization founded in Mount Rainier, MD, that seeks to partner the arts community with local businesses, used images of the area’s artists on the construction site hoardings as a way to increase the regional visibility of the Gateway Arts District. artAs of yet, no one has defaced any of the artist’s mug shots. artist

Groundbreaking for the new Prince George’s County’s new Laurel Library – with WGS ‘ winning public artwork proposal.

Artist Elizabeth Ryland Mears curated an exhibit of contemporary glass art at Roanoke, VA Jacksonville Center for the Arts. Focusing solely on glass as a medium for creativity, “Rhythms of Glass” feature artists working in the style of stained, fused, cast, blown, and flame-worked glass. Glass School was also represented in West Virginia in May. The Ice House Gallery in Berkeley, WV featured their “Glass!” exhibit – with a number of works by WGS artists, including Erwin Timmers, Laurie Brown, Veta Carney, Trish Kent, Diane Cabe and Erin Antognoli. 


Art and glass authority William Warmus discusses reticulate aesthetics with Corey Hampson.

Wheaton Arts GlassWeekend 2015 biennial event bought together an international array of acclaimed artists, collectors, gallery dealers, and museum curators for exhibits, demonstrations and lectures. WGS artists Sean Hennessey, Michael Janis, Allegra Marquart and Tim Tate were showcased again at New Jersey’s Creative Glass Center of America. 

The American Glass Guild (AGG) held their 10th Anniversary Conference in Washington, DC in June. Speakers include University of Sunderland’s Dr Cate Watkinson, and WGS’ Michael Janis. 

Dr Cate Watkinson is introduced as she presents @ the AGG conference.

Dr Cate Watkinson is introduced as she presents @ the AGG conference held in Washington, DC.



Glass sculptors Jason Chakravarty and WGS’ Sean Hennessey had a 2-man show at Santa Fe’s William & Joseph Gallery. Both artists have an affinity for mixing glass with other mediums and create intriguing and evocative narratives. The show featured the cheeky title of “Kiss My Glass”. 


Artist Susan Taylor Glasgow talks about her glass dress/chandelier at Penland.

North Carolina’s Penland School of Craft’s  30th Annual Benefit Auction was a rousing success: it smashed the previous record for attendance. The featured work, a glass dress by Susan Taylor Glasgow, was the centerpiece of the Northlight art exhibition. 

Glenn Adamson, Director Of NYC's Museum of Arts And Design talks about Tim Tate's sculpture.

Glenn Adamson, Director Of NYC’s Museum of Arts And Design talks about Tim Tate’s sculpture.

Audrey Wilson, Laurie Brown and Erwin Timmers go for a swim in the ocean of plastic balls.

The National Building Museum presented an interactive installation designed to bring the experience of going to the beach to downtown Washington, DC. The Museum’s Great Hall was turned into a “Beach” with an “ocean” of nearly one million recyclable translucent plastic balls.

Washington Glass School hosted artist Joseph Cavalieri for a workshop on Silk Screening and Painting On Glass. Joseph’s class was a wonderful experience - and many have asked that we repeat this class!

Joseph Cavaleri addresses the class.

Joseph Cavaleri addresses the class.

Local glass artist Chuck Ireton passed away in September.  He was an active voice in the DC glass scene will be missed by all.

Chuck Ireton at WGS plate glass class.

Chuck Ireton at WGS plate glass class.

The Society For Contemporary Craft located in Pittsburgh opened a show ““Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art” that examines creativity’s role in mental health. The exhibit (that  runs through March 12, 2016 and then travels) has more than 30 works by 14 contemporary artists. The exhibit looks at the impact that mental illness has on society, and the role the arts can play to encourage positive self-expression and guide effective mental-health treatment.

Pope Francis came to Washington, DC for a mass and a bit of a chat. His Holiness came by the glass school and was impressed by what he saw.

Pope Francis came by the Washington Glass School & blessed the artwork on exhibit.

Pope Francis came by the Washington Glass School and was overwhelmed by the artwork on exhibit.


With the Pope’s blessing, Catholic University’s Architectural Fab Lab invited Michael Janis and Tim Tate to give a lecture on glass and new technology.

Catholic University's Architecture department posts about Tim Tate & Michael Janis.

Catholic University’s Architecture department posts about Tim Tate & Michael Janis.

Washington Glass School instructor and artist Debra Ruzinsky was the only artist from the United States invited to the international Glass Heap Challenge competition held this year at Sweden’s Glass Factory Museum in Boda Glasbruk. 

The Washington Glass Studio worked with art consultants Directions in Art to create a major site specific artwork installation in a downtown Bethesda, MD office building. Installed on the two main entry levels, the floor-to-ceiling artwork is illuminated with full width LED panels.

glass art public lobby on bethesda wisconsin ave dia

Erwin Timmers directs the installation of the first phase of the Bethesda artwork installation.

Superstar glass artist Laura Donefer came by the Glass School and talked about her work and inspirations on Halloween.

Laura Donefer talks about her work.

Laura Donefer talks about her work.

It was all treat and no tricks! 


Chicago’s S.O.F.A. Art Fair – featured a number of artists from the Washington Glass School showing galleries at the international art show. This year the show included a number of galleries that were outside its traditional “media specific” focus. 

The website for the international art fair SOFA featured work by Michael Janis on its home page.

The website for the international art fair SOFA featured work by Michael Janis on its home page.

After a two-year, major renovation that included completely renewed infrastructure, enhanced historic features and other upgrades, the historic Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum re-opened. A centerpiece of the reopening is the special exhibition, WONDER, featuring site-specific installations by nine major contemporary artists.



Tim Tate had a very successful exhibition at Habatat Galleries.

The Washington Glass School got a new glass & ceramic kiln – a hot pink beauty! The winter open house was our excuse to break in the newbie with something delicious – pizza!


Erwin Timmers loads the kiln… with cheese pizza! Cooking time can be very fast – when set at 1800 F.

Whew! That was a very busy year! Ok, enough of the  auld lang syne – let’s get to work on the coming year projects!

The Washington Glass School Wishes Joy & Happiness in 2016 to All!


Habatat Galleries Michigan in Sarastota, FL

2015-sarasota-hbSARASOTA–GLASS NOW!!
2016 Art Glass Weekend
Sarasota, Florida
January 28th–31st
Michigan’s Habatat Galleries and the Longboat Key Center for the Arts will be hosting their 2nd Annual Art Glass Weekend in January at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts in Sarasota Florida along with a few other locations.
Last year in American Art Collector magazine, Sarasota was identified as the “new art glass mecca” due to the collections, museums, art centers, galleries, and the growing number of artists working with glass that now live in the region. Contemporary Glass has become an exciting focus along the Gulf Coast of Florida.
The show promises an amazing 4-day glass experience which includes exhibitions, auctions, private collection tours, talks by internationally noted artists, and tours of museums.

Longboat Key Center for the Arts will host an exhibition titled “Commentaries: Stories Told In Glass”, and the show explores narrative works with amazing visual statements accompanied with commentaries written by the twenty-one invited artists. The presentation offers a rare glimpse into each artist’s inspiration. The artists will be represented by 2 works each.


Shelly Allen, Martin Blank, Vivian Wang, Christina Bothwell, Emily Brock, Robin Grebe, Martin Janecky, Marta Klonowska, Janusz Walentynowicz, Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles, Richard Jolley, Lucy Lyons, John Miller, Deborah Moore, Clifford Rainey, David Reeke, Tim Tate, Dean Allison, Michael Janis, Loretta Yang, and Leah Wingfield.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Opening Reception : 6:30–8:30 pm  

The next day of the weekend features an exhibition designed to work in conjunction with “Commentaries” at LBKCA , titled “Beauty in the Abstract: Artists Expressions in Glass”

ARTISTS PARTICIPATING:Artists Expressions in Glass

Peter Bremers, Michael Glancy, Marvin Lipofsky, Petr Hora, Rick Beck, Peter Borkovics, Laszlo Lukacsi, Toshio Lezumi, Matthew Curtis, Kathleen Mulcahy, Michael Taylor, Toots Zynsky, Laura Donefer, Alex Bernstein, Tomas Hlavicka, Wilfried Grooten, Gyorgy Gaspar, Lino Tagliapietra, and David Huchthaus.

Habatat Galleries Michigan Goes to Florida : Part 1


Michigan’s Habatat Galleries will be showing at two amazing contemporary art fairs in Florida this winter. The first one up is Art Palm Beach – in West Palm Beach, Florida

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016 to Sunday, Jan 24, 2016   

Celebrating its 19th year! Art Palm Beach is dedicated to contemporary, emerging, and modern master works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Over 85 international galleries will be exhibiting paintings, sculpture, as well as functional and innovative design January 20-24, 2016 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.Visit Habatat Galleries in booth #105-107 at Art Palm Beach! Habatat Galleries will be offering the finest in contemporary glass, including works by:

Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Dean Allison, Michael Behrens, Alex Bernstein, Peter Bremers, Christina Bothwell, Laura Donefer, Matthew Eskuche, Michael Glancy, Martin Janecky, Michael Janis, Steve Linn, Laszlo Lukacsi, Vivian Wang and more!

The  week after this fair one can head to Sarasota, FL for Habatat Galleries’ Sarasota Glass Now weekend! Click HERE to jump to Part 2.

Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art

WGS’ Michael Janis is one of the artists featured in the Society of Contemporary Craft‘s exhibit “Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art“. This show explores the impact that mental illness is having on society, and the role the arts can play to both encourage positive self-expression and guide effective mental health promotion and treatment. The (traveling) show highlights a variety of techniques and forms that include innovative art expressions rooted in traditional craft materials, as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between craft and painting, sculpture, conceptual, and installation art. American Craft Magazine will have a short story about the show in their next issue – out early next year! The SCC has made a short video of the exhibit and their goals in the show – in the link below