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The American Craft Council (ACC) is the leading arts nonprofit cultivating a culture of making. The ACC’s award-winning magazine seeks to “inspire, telling tim.tate_.american.craft_.magazine.william.warmus.glass_.new_.usa_.art_.infiity.mirror.sculpturethe behind-the-scenes stories of artists and designer-makers, while exploring the multifaceted benefits of creative living”. The December/January 2018 issue of the magazine features a story by author/critic William Warmus that delves deep into Tim’s softer side. Exploring Tim’s history in the glass world, William writes about the what drives his work, and about the development of the Facebook “Glass Secessionism” page


Audrey Wilson Returns to Ohio State For MFA

After 5 years as WGS Studio Coordinator, Audrey Wilson will be leaving Washington Glass School. Audrey has been accepted to Ohio’s Kent State University MFA program. At Kent State, Audrey plans to explore glass as both a material and an idea, pushing the boundaries of glass within the broader context of contemporary art.


Toxic Metals in Glass Manufacturing & Community Safety

Embattled Southeast Portland glass company – Bullseye Glass (BE) – has installed a new filtration system to prevent dangerous metals from getting into the air. In February, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality found the area around the facility, had high levels of toxic chemicals cadmium and arsenic. This finding caused much consternation as the heavy metals emissions indicate an imminent public health threat and the surrounding neighborhoods charged the glass company with creating long term health risks for the community.  The glass company voluntarily stopped using the metals in its manufacturing process. Later it said it would never again use arsenic. It also suspended the use of chromium. 

The company has issued a press release on how the baghouse filter works. Air from the furnace passes up the stack, which filters out “99 percent of the particulate material” made using heavy metals during the production of glass.

The Washington Glass School has been asked how the issues affecting BE have impacted the art school and studio and the surrounding neighborhood. Director Erwin Timmers has confirmed that the toxicity issues are a problem for factories producing the glass, not the artists or their surrounding neighborhoods. Once the glass is made, all of the metals used during production to produce color become inert and therefore are safe to use in glass schools & studios.


Michael Janis @ Smithsonian American Art Museum

Smithsonian Distinguished Artist Michael Janis

The  James Renwick Alliance (JRA) named Washington Glass School Co-Director Michael Janis as its Distinguished Artist of Glass as part of the JRA Distinguished Artist Series. Michael’s talk at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) was filmed and broadcast as a webcast – click HERE to jump to the SAAM online webcast page.



Watch the Washington Glass School’s 2007 appearance on local PBS channel -WETA.

Fox News’ Holly Morris visited the Glass School to learn more about eco-art with Erwin Timmers. Watch this video segment.

Watch Washington Glass School on YouTube

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The intent of this group is to underscore and define the 21st Century Sculptural Glass Movement and to illustrate the differences and strengths compared to late 20th century technique-driven glass. While the 20th century glass artists contributions have been spectacular and ground breaking, this group focuses on the aesthetic of the 21st century. The object of the Glass-Secession is to advance glass as applied to sculptural expression; to draw together those glass artists practicing or otherwise interested in the arts, and to discuss from time to time examples of the Glass-Secession or other narrative work. Jump to the Facebook group page.

The American Craft Council interviewed Tim Tate about the post-studio glass movement in its April/May 2014 magazine – click HERE to jump to the article.

American Craft Magazine Features Washington Glass Studio


The June/July 2013 issue of American Craft Magazine featured an “In Progress” review of the collaborative process employed in the creation of the new glass doors for the US Library of Congress Adams Building. An interview with Michael Janis and Tim Tate outlines how the spectacular doors came into being – over a 9 year period. Some great photos in the article!

Glass Art Magazine Features Michael Janis Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Glass Art Magazine features a great profile on Michael Janis. Michael was interviewed for Glass Art’s podcast series “Talking Out Your Glass” earlier in 2016, and the magazine has followed up their 2012 cover story about Michael with another great article!

American Style Magazine’s June 06 issue featured the works of Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, Michael Janis, and Liz Mears, and reviewed the impact the Washington Glass School has on the ‘content-driven’ art movement.