Class 4804: Strips’n’Bits

In two sessions, you’ll create a distinctive sushi plate using a unique pattern bar technique. Your choices along the way will explore the capacities of glass as a creative medium: Selecting colors—opaque, transparent, both? Cutting and layering shapes—bits and strips, irregular or not, deliberate or random? We’ll discuss the basics of firing schedules, safety procedures, and some of glass’s distinctive properties; work with glass cutting hand tools, chop saw, and belt sander; deal with serendipity; and keep your project together through multiple firings.

Class-size is limited; Intermediate level experience with glass fusing is a good idea. 

Class 4806: Fused Glass Coral Bowls

Diverse and beautifully mesmerizing, coral provides shelter and creates an environment to help marine life thrive. Inspired by the labyrinth-like patterns of coral found in our oceans, we invite you to make a fascinating interlocking glass design!
Students are provided with a variety of glass colors to choose from, as well as tools to cut and shape the pieces. As one carefully arranges the glass fragments, they can experiment with different patterns and arrangements to create a stunning coral-like design. Beginner level experience.

The Poetry of Glass at Sandy Spring Museum

Sandy Spring Museum features glass art by NCAGG
March 29 – May 28, 2023

“Tribute to Ms. Mailou Jones”, by WGS artist Kate Barfield

A showcase of works by members of the National Capital Art Glass Guild (NCAGG), featuring works by more than 40 glass artists across all aspects of the medium, from “cold” glass (stained) to “warm” glass (fused) to “hot” glass (blown). Works by Washington Glass School artists Kate Barfield, Graciela Granek, John Henderson and Patricia de Poel Wilberg are included in this unique exhibit!

Patricia de Poel Wilberg, enamel on fused glass

Their art illustrates the range of this amazing material: translucent and opaque, colorful, joyful and mysterious, responsive to gravity and variations in heat in ways that are often unpredictable. Exhibitors have studied with nationally and internationally recognized masters and include gallery owners, scientists, and educators.

Graciela Granek, fused glass

Works on display range from purely decorative and fine art to functional and architectural pieces. Like poets, members find their inspiration in nature, science, history, music, fabric, rhythm, abstraction, emotion, geometry, organic matter, and more. They are constantly experimenting, exploring, and inventing new techniques.

“Invoking the Spirits” John Henderson. 18”x30”, Fuse/Cast Glass/Silvered

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 2nd from noon to 2 pm. See the glass and meet the artists!

Art Glass Demonstration Day: Sunday, April 30th from 11 am to 4 pm

See artists at work. Featuring: glass blowing, stained glass, vitreous enamel painting, mosaics, glass cutting, glass fusing, and mold-making for kiln casting.

The Museum is also open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am to 4pm, and on Sundays from noon to 4pm. It’s a truly unique exhibition! Invite friends and family.

Sandy Spring Museum Address: 17901 Bentley Rd, Sandy Spring, MD 20860

Sandy Spring Museum, originally founded in 1980 as a traditional history museum, now functions as a dynamic participatory cultural arts community center.

Class 4803 (A or B): Next Step Fusing

Are you ready to take your fusing skills to the next level? Done the Glass Lover’s class? Now we will go over circle cutting, fun ways to use stringers and frit, and what it means to cut shapes. Some glass fusing experience is required for this one. Get ready to step up your fusing game. Intermediate experience level.

National Symphony Orchestra Plays At Artist Studios

This March, the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) will collaborate with different communities in Washington, DC’s Ward 5 and Mount Rainier, MD as a way to build new connections and relationships with the neighborhoods, local schools, museums, and arts organizations.

NSO In Your Neighborhood

The NSO String Quartet performs at Artists by the Tracks Compound, Monday, March 13th, 2023.

“Edge of the City”

March 7–13, 2023

Brentwood | Brookland | Eckington | Fort Lincoln | Woodridge | Trinidad | University Heights | Mount Rainier, MD

Tim Tate’s sculpture is part of the backdrop of the performance.

Events are open to the public with first-come, first-served seating, unless otherwise noted. For more information, times and performance venues- click here: NSO In Your Neighborhood “Edge of the City”

The Mt Rainier performance was packed!

On Monday, March 13th, the NSO String Quartet played at the Arts Compound in Mt Rainier, MD. Some pix from the fun night!

DMV artists celebrate the NSO performance at the reception that followed the intimate performance. L-R Mary Early, David Mordini, Laurel Lukaszewski, Michael Janis.

PBS TV Show “If You Lived Here” @ Washington Glass School

If You Lived Here episode 11

DC’s PBS Station – WETA /via Leapfrog Productions – filmed an episode of their popular TV show “If You Lived Here” in Mount Rainier, MD. The episode, which airs Monday, March 20th at 9 pm, focuses on houses in Mt Rainier, and what makes the area noteworthy, for this area, the art spaces and artists were the focus. Filming took place at Washington Glass School and some additional footage included the James Renwick Alliance Block Party held in September.

Glass artist Michael Janis talks to WETA TV crew at the Washington Glass School.
WGS Co-Director Michael Janis outlines the importance of arts in the community.
Leapfrog Productions video crew finds interesting angles to cover for the show.
WGS Contemporary art gallery
Views of the Washington Glass School (WGS Contemporary) Gallery.

Viewing information:
Season 3 – Episode 11: Mt. Rainier, MD
Monday, March 20th at 9 pm on WETA PBS (Channel 26 in the DMV). Monday, March 20th at 8 pm on WETA Metro:
Full episode at

2023 Glass Coast Weekend Big Hit!

The west coast of sunny Florida is where the glass art scene is hot! This past week, Habatat Detroit Fine Art held a glass extravaganza at the Ringling College of Art in beautiful Sarasota, FL. This was be their 8th Annual Glass Coast Weekend (GCW). This year the event paid homage to the past, present, and future of studio glass. The show featured noted artists, lectures, demos and a reception at the Ringling Museum of Art and the 5th Anniversary event at the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, FL.

Above is a quick video fly-thru of the main show at Ringling College of Art

The Glass Coast excitement continued up the coast – at Duncan McClellan Gallery, where Washington Glass School artists are featured in the groundbreaking “Dreams & Visions” exhibit (thru March 5).

Michael Janis with glass fans at Duncan McClellan Gallery during reception held for Washington Glass School artists.

WGS Artists Tim Tate and Michael Janis were featured at a series of receptions, lectures and demonstrations held at DMG over the weekend.

Artist Tim Tate narrates to the audience on the hotshop what techniques the gaffer is employing to create Tim’s sacred heart glass sculpture.
Tim Tate’s blown sculpture gets some heat!
Tim Tate’s Sacred Heart sculpture after annealing and cooling. Tim plans on working imagery into the work and presenting a new series of hearts.

Artist Michael Janis had a large audience in attendance for his presentation on “Art in Architecture”, where he talked about his design background and how it influenced his artwork and the public art sculpture made by the Washington Glass Studio.

Michael Janis talks about his pop art work made in collaboration with Chicago artist Tony Porto.
Michael Janis (center) with new collectors Steve and Debbie Lang at DMG reception.

Team Building Event – Glass Art!

At The Washington Glass School, we all come together to socialize and celebrate art. At our core is the drive to connect through craft—a process that transcends age, gender, ethnicity, and all physical boundaries. The Washington Glass School offers a way for companies, families, organizations to make the next gathering in Washington DC one they’ll never forget. Recently, DLR Group, and integrated architectural design firm with 30 offices from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts in the United States held a fun event at the Glass School.

Steven McKay, DLR Group Chief Executive Officer works on his masterpiece in the kiln.

Events held at Washington Glass School entertains corporate clients and colleagues in a very non-corporate way. Our unique packages will keep your team excited throughout. No matter the personality, size of your group, we’ll help you create the perfect team building experience, with fun for all.

No matter the personality or the size of your group, we’ll help you create the perfect team building event. Our all-inclusive packages include skilled instructions in working in glass and a dedicated staff to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Want to know more about events at the Washington Glass School? Send a note to: