2022 Art Basel/Art Miami Features Washington Glass School Artists

Washington Glass School artists are prepping spectacular glass/mixed media artwork to be presented at Context Art Miami – at Alida Anderson Art Projects . New art works by WGS artists Michael Janis, Christina Helowicz, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, along with artworks by Lenny Campello, Tony Porto, J Jordan Bruns and Steve Wanna, Marinela de la Hoz and others will be on exhibit at CONTEXT Art Miami Art Fair, space A29.

CONTEXT Art Miami, presented by Art Miami, continues to create and push boundaries on the conversation about contemporary art, The 2022 edition will showcase works from 75 innovative galleries from more than 20 countries, including Japan, Turkey, Australia, France, South Korea and Chile, among others. CONTEXT Art Miami will kick-off during Miami Art Week with an invitation-only VIP preview on Tuesday, November 29 and run through Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Virtual Tour of WGS Contemporary Gallery @ Aqua Art Miami

Couldn’t make it to sunny Miami for Art Basel? Still want to see one of the leading shows from the comfort of … wherever? Click on link and get a 360 virtual tour of one of Art Miami’s leading art fairs – Aqua Art Miami. Spin all around, and go up and visit room #208 to see WGS Contemporary‘s exhibit – featuring works by Teri Bailey, J Jordan Bruns, Michael Janis, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers, and Steve Wanna. The show was a great success – we will have more trips down to Florida, we might as well get a beachfront condo!

The virtual reality walk thru is so encompassing, you just might want to have a mojito in hand to get the full Miami effect!

nb: this is the full overview 360 view of show – follow arrows in and up the stairs to room 208 to see WGS – or walk thru the entire place and look into the windows to see all the galleries that had shown.

WGS Contemporary Exhibits at AQUA / Art Miami Contemporary Art Fair

The DMV's best and freshest media-specific artwork gallery - WGS Contemporary - will be at AQUA Art Fair in Miami>

The DMV’s best and freshest media-specific artwork gallery – WGS Contemporary – will be at AQUA Art Fair in Miami>

WGS Contemporary’s mission is to contribute to thinking about art, new media, technology, and social issues through an open access forum, one that will facilitate contemporary and innovative projects worldwide. In that process WGS Contemporary aims at exposing the cutting edge work of artists working the new media frontiers of art. This year, WGS Contemporary will be one of the featured galleries at the prestigious Aqua Art Miami international contemporary art fair.

Steve Wanna "Myths of Creation"

Steve Wanna “Myths of Creation”

aqua.art.miami.wgs.contemporary.fair.usa.december.glass.media.new.dcAqua Art Miami, which opens with a VIP Preview on Wednesday, December 4 and open to the public December 5 – 8, has become the premier destination for prominent collectors and art aficionados to procure works by young, emerging and mid-career artists. Throughout the years, Aqua Art Miami has continued to solidify itself as a completely unique art fair, consistently staying true to its signature relaxed yet energetic vibe. The 15th anniversary edition features 60 international exhibitors showcasing fresh new works, and set in the intimate exhibition rooms that open into a beautiful courtyard, all within a classic South Beach hotel.

WGS Contemporary will be showcasing works by artists: Teri Bailey, J Jordan Bruns, Michael Janis, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers and Steve Wanna.


Aqua Art Miami at the Aqua Hotel

1530 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Pulse Art Fair Showcases WGS Artists Tim Tate and Michael Janis

This years Art Basel / Miami Art Week is December 2 – 8, 2019. It’s the best time of the year for viewing contemporary art in Florida, if not the entire world. Miami and Miami Beach will be the center of the art world for a week. More than a thousand art galleries from around the world participate in some eighteen art fairs. You’ll see amazing artwork from around the world. pulse.art.fair.glass

Potomac, MD’s Alida Anderson Art Projects will be presenting new works by WGS Co-Directors Tim Tate and Michael Janis at their gallery in the 15th edition of the PULSE Art Fair.

Tim Tate and Michael Janis' collaborative glass/mixed media artwork titled: "The Longing for Transcendence" will be on display at Alida Anderson space #501 during Pulse Art Fair.

Tim Tate and Michael Janis’ collaborative glass/mixed media artwork titled: “The Longing for Transcendence” will be on display at Alida Anderson space #501 during Pulse Art Fair.



A new feature for the fair, PULSE Perspectivos, a dual-language series of talks and tours held in English and Spanish. A presentation, “On Identity in the Arts: What Does It Mean to be Latino/a? Latino, Latina, Latin(x), Hispanic…”, held in Spanish at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The conversation will be led by art critic, writer and blogger Florencio Lennox (aka Lenny) Campello who has been spearheading interactive events discussing these issues for the past few years. 

El Sentinel / the Sun-Sentinel have already been posting about the upcoming arrival of our glass artist's works!

El Sentinel / the Sun-Sentinel have already been posting about the upcoming arrival of our glass artist’s works!

PULSE Art Fair is located as Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, and 46th Street with direct access from the beach and the boardwalk.

PULSE Art Fair is open to the public from Thursday, December 5 through Sunday, December 8, 2019. A Private Preview Brunch will be held Thursday, December 5, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Report from Miami Art Fairs

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from SCOPE Art Fair 2017

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from SCOPE Art Fair 2017

It may snow along the East Coast this weekend, but down at Art Basel Miami Beach, it was all sunshine and beach parties and artwork and music everywhere. A fun thing about Miami is you get to spend hours in Lyfts and cabs going across causeways to and from the beach exhibits. context.art.fair.miami.2017.alida_anderson

Washington Glass School artists were represented at a number of the incredible art fairs that took place during Art Basel / Miami Art Fair week.

Erwin Timmers new work was dazzling!

Erwin Timmers new work was dazzling!

At Context Art Miami – Alida Anderson Art Project showed artists Erwin Timmers, Laura Beth Konopinski and Audrey Wilson.

Audrey Wilson and Laura Beth Konopinski at Context

Audrey Wilson and Laura Beth Konopinski at Context

Congrats to our own Laura Beth Konopinski, who was selected by Julian Navarro, the fair director as one of the standout women artists at the fair!

Tim Tate's works shone brightly at SCOPE Miami

Tim Tate’s works shone brightly at SCOPE Miami

Tim Tate and Michael Janis were featured by Habatat Galleries at two art fairs – SCOPE Miami and Form Art Fair. Tim’s new wall pieces were a hit at SCOPE – with many reacting to the artwork’s content.jennifer.scanlan.scope.tim_tate.glass.miami.art.fair

Tim's work was the most photo'd works at Miami Beach.

Tim’s work was the most photo’d works at Miami Beach.

The newest art fair “Form” opened across the street from Art Basel. Run by the same group that presents SOFA Chicago, the artwork focused on media specific art.

Michael Janis' work at Habatat Galleries space at the FORM Art Fair.

Michael Janis’ work at Habatat Galleries space at the FORM Art Fair.

There was alot of glitz and glamour and celebrity-sightings during the week.

Artist Chuck Close came thru the show.

Artist Chuck Close came thru the show.

As did these glitterati.

As did these glitterati.

When Art Basel first came to Miami in 2002, it was a satellite art fair and an end-of-the-year anchor to the Basel, Switzerland main event held in the summer. But in a perfect storm of palm trees, parties, a surge of interest in art (or at least the lucrative art market), and an Instagram explosion, it’s now become the biggest annual art event in North America, attended by some 85,000 people. And as the fair morphs into two dozen satellite fairs and a weeklong full calendar of art and fashion happenings, it’s also a venue to show how the art by a new generation of artists is being made.

Washington Glass School Artists Exhibiting at Art Miami

img-locationAt the end of the month, the international contemporary art world descends on Miami, Florida for the infamous Art Basel Miami Beach exposition, and its numerous satellite events. The exhibit is shaping up to be more outrageous than ever. Art Basel will open at the Miami Beach Convention Center. While Art Basel Miami Beach is undeniably the main event, it’s spawned more than 20 satellite fairs, stretching from Midtown to Downtown. 

Tim Tate, "Pink Nebula", 18 x 18 x 4, Silver Plated and Colored Frame, Mirror, LED's

Tim Tate, “Pink Nebula”, 18 x 18 x 4, Silver Plated and Colored Frame, Mirror, LED’s

Scope Miami Beach Nov. 29th to Dec. 4th

Tim Tate will be having a solo exhibition at Scope Miami (Alida Anderson Projects in Booth D29). Tim’s new work entices the viewer to look deeply into and completely experience his windows into alternative dimensions. 

Context Art Miami Nov. 29th to Dec. 4th

Audrey Wilson will be showing at Context Art Miami from Nov 29th to Dec 4th (Alida Anderson Art Projects in Booth #326).

modern glass art

Audrey Wilson, “The Small Hadron Collider”, 2016
Neon, glass, led, mixed
42 × 6 × 6 in

CONTEXT Art Miami, along with the 27th edition of Art Miami, commences on November 29, 2016, with the highly anticipated Opening Night VIP Preview.

If you are in sunny FLA – be sure to see their works! Posting and hashtag-ing is encouraged!

Washington Glass School @ Miami Art Fairs – Opens Today


The HUGE Miami Art Fairs opens December 1st – and the art world is now out in sunny Florida viewing an incredible array of great contemporary art. Approximately twenty art fairs are organized around the week and they’re located in both Miami and Miami Beach. Art Basel Miami Beach – held at the Miami Beach Convention Center is the largest art fair of the week, featuring more than 250 top galleries from around the world. 

Scope Art Fair features Tim Tate's work at Habatat Galleries space.

Scope Art Fair features Tim Tate’s work at Habatat Galleries space.

Washington Glass School is represented at the international art fairs by Tim Tate (showing with Habatat Galleries at Scope) and Audrey Wilson (represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects at Context). Last year, Washington City Paper reviewed the show’s impact on the artists, including comments from Audrey Wilson – click here to jump to the City Paper article online.


Tim Tate @ Art Basel, Switzerland

>At its inaugural exhibition at SCOPE Basel 2010, Micaëla Gallery (USA) introduces: Marvin Lipofsky, Nicole Schmoelzer, Prema Murthy, Lorraine Peltz, Scott Kildall, Silvia Levenson and Tim Tate.

San Francisco’s Micaëla Gallery will feature contemporary fine art with an exhibition of digital drawings (Murthy), explorations of light (Lipofsky, Schmoelzer), and dialogue addressing social concerns (Levenson, Tate, Kildall, Peltz), Micaela Gallery introduces artworks by gallery artists that are as beautiful to regard as they are engaging to the intellect.

Each artist was carefully chosen because of singular contributions to contemporary visual dialogues.

Lipofsky, L’viv Group No. 2, 2001-2002
Marvin Lipofsky, L'viv Group

Marvin Lipofsky, educator, inveterate traveler, multi-awarded artist, respected sculptor, and passionate supporter of the arts, is credited with bridging international communities of artists through ideological barriers, over time and across continents to become a fundamental pillar of the international glass community. Working with established and respected artists from the Czech Republic, Venice, China and the United States, his collaborative sculptures can be found in important museum and private collections worldwide. A master colorist, Lipofsky’s work pays homage to the communities where he created his work. For example, during his visit to the Czech Republic, his sculpture referenced landscape and political climate, while the work he made during his visit to China used colors that traditionally augur joy and prosperity in Chinese communities. Lipofsky’s work also addresses the manner that light shifts through space as well as the effect on space that his work occupies, in terms of color and texture. He established the respected glass programs at the University of California at Berkeley and the California College of Art; and resides in Berkeley, California.

Schmoelzer, Staining 1109-132, 2010
Schmoelzer, Staining 1109-132, 2010

Nicole Schmoelzer, a life-long student of painting, works with oil paint on linen and paper, developing series of paintings where the behavior of color is the topic. She is an abstract painter, who loves the interaction of colors, with and against each other. By investigating the manner that color performs on a surface or structuring quality, Schmoelzer is excited by the possibilities of illustrating simultaneously different layers of movements and shifts on the visual plane. Her work begins by setting stains – staining – the surface, with liquid oil paint. By building layers, which are subsequently exposed, newly exposed washes of paint take on an illusion of depth, receding to, or surfacing from, an in-between imaginary third-dimensional space. Schmoelzer’s current work incorporates ink with oil paint, and, by process and composition, mediates between the organic and geometric, in expression and approach. She resides in Brooklyn, New York and Basel, Switzerland.

Murthy, Tectonics 06D, 2009
Murthy, Tectonics 06D

Prema Murthy is a mathematician who decided the best way to address her love of beautiful mathematical theory is to work with it visually. TECTONICS is a series of archival digital prints that explore ruptures in the structural features of globalization. Murthy’s starting points for the project are scientific mapping of natural phenomena and concepts in eastern philosophy relating to embodiment, cognition, and Mind. Between these geographical and cognitive sites, she uses the human body as a metaphor where effects of globalization manifest in terms of simultaneous disintegration and reintegration. She combines drawing techniques with digital processes to map the body in terms of dynamic states of power – continuously shifting spheres of influence that effect geographical, as well as political, economic, and mental terrain as well. In her work, bodies become a drawing tool to map unseen traces of energy, motion and the passage of time. Based in New York, Murthy received her MFA from Goldsmiths College, London.

Peltz. Chandelier Black Gold, 2010
Peltz.  Chandelier Black Gold, 2010

Lorraine Peltz‘ work is a continuing discussion of feminine ideas in a fresh, beautiful manner in relation to place and identity. Her vernacular uses recognizable, highly charged images that explore women’s fantasies and desires. Peltz’ mimicry and reconciliation of how information comes to us and how meaning is made — real life alongside memory, poetry next to prose — become the landscapes of her exterior world and an interior space of dream, desire, hope, and memory. Images of chandeliers, among others, co-mingle the language of 17th century-esque still-life objects and pop imageries of lightening bolts, puffy clouds, painted lips, ominous blackbirds, and more. Peltz received her MFA from the University of Chicago. She lives and works in Chicago and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kildall. Future Memories, 2006
Kildall.  Future Memories, 2006

Scott Kildall works at the intersection of media culture and human memory. His artwork depicts collapse: between producer and consumer, viewer and viewed and simulated and real. He appropriates material, bends rules of consent, restages events and invites viewers to alter his exhibited pieces. These acts and products reflect a shift in cultural production – where ownership dips into a zone of ambiguity and image and sound is widely recycled. Lately, Kildall has been using Second Life – an online world with simulated physical space – as a site for artistic inquiry. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute MFA program, Kildall resides in San Francisco and New York City.

Levenson. Alta, 2008
Levenson.  Alta, 2008.

Silvia Levenson addresses life and femininity with wry wit and beautiful work. Her work addresses daily living and the veiled anguish within the home, offering viewers a dark and comic window of not so blissful family life. Socially concerned with the influences of modern self medication, as a method of coping with what she calls the cocoon and the battlefield: a place of love, hate, and tension; her work displays dualities of fragility and imperviousness – best conveyed through her mediums of glass and video. Levenson purposefully exploits her personal experiences as wife, mother, daughter, and sister to express the fragility and complexity of her oeuvres. Much of Levenson’s art is an attempt to resolve the difficulties of living with threats of violence, political and domestic, that are out of our control. Born in Argentina, Levenson now resides in Italy.

Tate. My Heart is Unbreakable, 2010
Tate.  My Heart is Unbreakable, 2010

Tim Tate is an artist with a rare appreciation for the beauty of life – he perceives his sculptures as self-contained video installations. Blending a traditional craft with new media technology gives him the framework in which to fit his artistic narrative. Revelation, and in some cases self-revelation, is the underlying theme of his electronic reliquaries. Tate understands his interactive works may disturb because it prompts a variety of responses: amusement, memory, and maybe, recognition. But he values the viewer’s response to his hybrid art work and its conceptual nature. Tate defines his work as phylacteries of sorts, the transparent reliquaries in which bits of saints’ bones or hair, relics, are displayed. In many cultures and religions, relics are believed to have magical or spiritual powers, especially for healing. Tate’s relics are temporal, sounds and moving images formally enshrined, encapsulating experiences like as a collection of cultural specimens. Tate works and lives in Washington DC.


FirstView Party and Reception: FirstView for all VIPs or 100 CHF donation at the door
Tuesday June 15 3 – 7pm

PressView: Tuesday June 15 3 – 7pm
RSVP to press@scope-art.com
Serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to our guests and exhibitors.

General Fair Hours
Wednesday June 16 11am – 7pm
Thursday June 17 11am – 7pm
Friday June 18 11am – 7pmSCOPE Basel 2010 Map
Saturday June 19 11am – 7pm

Free for VIP cardholders
General Wednesday – Saturday CHF 20
Student Wednesday – Saturday CHF 10

Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstr. 1b
CH – 4057 Basel

Art Basel Miami Opens


One of the major US art events is taking place this week – Art Basel Miami. The eight-year-old opened today, bigger than ever, and accessorized by a robust bunch of rival fairs (including Red Dot Miami), fashion parties, book signings, benefits, and, yes, Sly Stallone is showing his fine art paintings. Too much.

Over at the Red Dot Fair, artists from the Washington Glass School are showing at the Mayer Fine Art Gallery.

Tim Tate reports from the fair that sales on the VIP preview and first day is encouraging for artists – Tim has sold a major mixed media work – his blown and cast glass / video work “A Question of Evolution”

Washington Glass School Going South


This December, the entire art world turns its focus to Miami. Anchored by Art Basel Miami (the sister event of Switzerland’s Art Basel, one of the most prestigious art shows worldwide for the past 40 years), there is a convergence of art, celebrities, sunshine and over-the-topness, creating a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. The success and prestige of Art Basel Miami has created satellite art shows, including Art Miami and Red Dot Art Fair – all located near or adjacent to each other.The simultaneous art fairs create a combination of an international selection of top galleries with special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. Tourists, art collectors, curators and art lovers come from around the globe to attend this annual art frenzy.

Artists from the Washington Glass School will be showing at this year’s art explosion that is Art Basel Miami. Mayer Fine Art is one of the galleries showing at Red Dot, and they will showcase the work of the Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers and Michael Janis. If you are getting your tan on – come and get your art on!


Dec 2 -6, 2009

Wednesday, December 2nd,
VIP and Press Preview, 5 – 6 PM
Opening Reception, to benefit GreenMiami, 6 – 9 PM
General Admission:
Thursday, December 3rd, 11 AM – 7 PM
Friday, December 4th, 11 AM – 8 PM
Saturday, December 5th, 11 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, December 6th, 11 AM – 6 PM

Wynwood Art District
NW 31st Street and NE 1st Avenue (Midtown Blvd), Miami, FL 33137

Booth B105