Happy Holidays from Washington Glass School and Studio

Tis the Season!

All of us at the Washington Glass School & Studio Wish You and Family a Joyous Holiday Season! And a Happy Healthy New Year!

Artists and Educators from the Washington Glass School

(L-R) Patricia De Poel Wilberg, Erwin Timmers, Christina Helowicz, Nancy Kronstadt, Kate Barfield, Tim Tate, April Shelford, Michael Janis, Trish Kent and John Henderson. Not pictured: Graciela Granek, Sean Robinson, Diane Cabe, Gabrielle Morris, Kyle Crosby, and Daphne Matyas.

WGS Studio Artist Kyle Crosby Featured in Washingtonian Magazine

Film producer Kyle David Crosby joined the Washington Glass Studio family in 2016. Since he joined the studio, Kyle and his Pictureshow Productions has worked on a number of great films, including 2017’s The Confidential Informant where Kyle worked with writer/Executive Producer George Pelecanos. George is known for his DC-focused crime novels and gripping work on HBO’s The Wire and The Deuce.

Kyle David Crosby

Kyle David Crosby @ The Washington Glass School.

The two are currently making an anthology film, titled DC Noir, filmed around the stories locations set in the DC area, with George Pelecanos in his directorial debut.  

Washingtonian Magazine has a story in the February 2018  about the two filmmakers and how important it is to George Pelecanos to have the movies about Washington, DC be filmed in DC. Written by Rosa Cartagena and photographed by Evy Mages, the article give great insight to what it takes to bring a written story to life on film. 

George Pelecanos and Kyle David Crosby. Washingtonian photo by Eve Mages

George Pelecanos and Kyle David Crosby. Washingtonian photo by Evy Mages.