“Embodiment” Exhibit at Pittsburgh Glass Center


The Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC)and the 3 Rivers Glass Beadmakers (3RGB) present “embodiment,” the first jewelry and wearables exhibit at PGC.

Entries were received from around the world including Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the U.S. for this juried exhibition. Sixty-nine works of art were selected for exhibition including 10 artists along with several collaborators from Pittsburgh.

Laura Beth Konopinski's work commands the show.

“Captivated by the Dance of a Radiant Night” by Laura Beth Konopinski, Valerie Herrero and Jason Forck.  The work, designed for a performance, was designed to transform the wearer into a Silk Moth, displaying unconstrained feelings akin to the way a moth is attracted to the light.

Objects on display range from necklaces and wings to a crown and cape and reflect a variety of glass techniques. All of the art included in “embodiment” was chosen based on craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, originality/creativity, and realization of the concept of embodiment meaning a tangible or visible form of a specific idea, quality or feeling.

PGC Executive Director Heather McElwee said,” The jurors looked for a diversity of art work and unusual content or untraditional subject matter, plus the use of different materials and techniques.” 

October 6 – November 19, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, October 6 from 6 to 9pm
pgc_horz_logo-792x600The Hodge Gallery at Pittsburgh Glass Center
5472 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Exhibiting Artists:
Carolyn Baum
Heather M. Behrendt
Jill  Benfield
Jennifer Blazina
Sabina Boehm
Deborah Carlson
Eunsuh Choi
Sarah E. Cohen
Alberto Corte
Ronit Dagan
Meredith  Edmondson
Jason Forck
Lezlie Foster
Alexandra Fresch
Nolly Gelsinger
Valerie Herrero
Nina Sam Hibler
Lisa M. Johnson
Leslie Kaplan
Floor Kaspers
Joy  L. Knepp
Natalia N. Komorowska
Laura Beth Konopinski
Lou Krueger
Sara Sally LaGrand
Ronnie Lambrou
Hethre Larivee
Stephanie Maddalena
Michael Mangiafico
Melissa A. Melan
Ben Miller
Linda Newnham
SaraBeth Post
Gillian Preston
Madeline Rile-Smith
Laurie Salopek
Daria Sandburg
Barbara  B. Simon
Lisa F. St. Martin
Ann Steenkiste
Tiger Waddell
Jeri Warhaftig
Deborah B. Weaver
Jeri J. Wiskus
Margaret  L. Zinser Hunt
Caterina Zucchi

Washington Glass School Welcomes Laura Beth Konopinski!

Washington Glass School (WGS) is proud to announce the hire of Laura Beth Konopinski as Studio Coordinator. Laura Beth will coordinate the projects and classes of both the Washington Glass School and the public art projects of the Washington Glass Studio, as well as acting as the liaison for the Studio Artists and Residency Artists that are part of the WGS Arts Incubator.

Laura Beth Konopinski joins the Washington Glass School as Studio Coordinator and Resident Artist

Laura Beth received a BFA with glass emphasis from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has taught and worked in facilities such as the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Penland School of Crafts and the Corning Museum of Glass, which has allowed her to explore many methods of the glass making processes. For 3 years, Laura Beth worked as assistant to noted glass artist, Susan Taylor Glasgow.

Laura Beth models Susan Taylor Glasgow's glass chandelier at Chicago SOFA.

Laura Beth models Susan Taylor Glasgow’s glass chandelier at Chicago SOFA.

Throughout her artistic career, Laura Beth Konopinski has kept her material concentration primarily with glass, although uses other mediums including photography and metal.

Laura Beth Konopinski, "Within the chambers of Your Blackened Heart";  Blown and recycled glass, sculpted, enamel, preserved organic materials, mixed media

Laura Beth Konopinski, “Within the chambers of Your Blackened Heart”; Blown and recycled glass, sculpted, enamel, preserved organic materials, mixed media.

Arising from her interests with environmental conservation, Laura Beth repurposes used materials and integrates carefully preserved organic compounds into sculpted layers of glass. She uses transparent glass as a lens for distortion with great effect to emphasize the ambiguous nature of human emotion. Laura Beth facilitates the idea of comparing reason and sentiment by combining figurative imagery with biological materials.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Laura Beth to our team,” said WGS Co-Director Tim Tate. “She is a bright young talent who will play a critical role managing WGS’ projects and ensuring the quality as we implement our business and artistic ideas”.

Laura.beth.konopinski.artist.glass.washington_glass_schoolLaura Beth will start full time at the Glass School in August – be sure to stop by and welcome her to DC!

Read a great profile about Laura Beth by Missouri’s Columbia Daily Tribune – click HERE

Laura Beth Konopinski exhibiting at Perlow-Stevens Gallery


“Inside Your Wishing Well” Laura Konopinski

Perlow Stevens Gallery in Columbia, MO is exhibiting new works by glass and mixed media artist Laura Beth Konopinski, from January 5 – March 30, 2013.

Artist reception will be held January 12th from 6-9pm.

Laura received a BFA with glass emphasis from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with professor Lou Krueger (photography). Laura has worked in facilities such as the Pittsburgh Glass Center and the Corning Museum of Glass, which has allowed her to explore the many ropes of the glass-making processes. During 2011, Laura Beth relocated to  Columbia, Missouri to begin assisting in the studio of glass artist, Susan Taylor Glasgow while concurrently working on a local farm.  Since living in Missouri, she has continued to make glass artwork and has recently integrated her interest of organic materials. 

“Everyone’s Spine” Laura Beth Konopinski

Laura’s works incorporate techniques that combine sandblasted imagery complimented with enamels.

Withholding the Pain of DiscoveryLaura Beth Konopinski

Laura states that her works “address concerns of how human emotion relates with the biological world and what that means with a sense of rationale…The transparency and optical qualities of glass provides a canvas that can be dimensionally distorted and layered in depth to emphasize the parallels between these worlds. I create a place that lends itself for an examination of physical components alongside my perception.”

Julianne’s Hidden WishesLaura Beth Konopinski

Laura Konopinski

2013 Winter Exhibit

Jan 5- Mar 30, 2013

Perlow – Stevens Gallery

1025 Walnut

Columbia, Missouri 65201