Habatat Detroit Fine Art Q & A with Michael Janis

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Join Aaron Schey (aka Mr Glass) Owner and partner of Habatat Detroit Fine Art, for an engaging update on the WGS Director Michael Janis, an innovative member of the esteemed Habatat Family. Janis, who showcased his work at Habatat’s Scope Art Miami booth this year, will provide insights into the latest developments in his career and sculpture.

Ok. what the what is going on?

Notably involved in the arts community near Washington D.C., Janis has been actively creating public sculptures and exploring new artistic endeavors incorporating video technology.

Save the date for March 2024, as Janis will be showcased as a distinguished artist at the Lowe Art Museum in Miami. Additionally, experience his exceptional work during the Glass Coast Weekend in Sarasota, Florida, where he will be personally present to share his artistic journey. Your presence is highly anticipated!

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Sean Hennessey at GooDBuddY Gallery


Sean Hennessey, “Pool of Tears” detail, kilncast glass, paint, integrated video. 24″x12″

For the last few months, sculptor Sean Hennessey been working on a series of pieces for a solo show – Reimagining Alice: A MixedMultimedia Series Based On Alice In Wonderland.

Sean Hennessey creates sculptures in glass and concrete that are narratives based on mythologies, religions, personal experiences and whimsy. By using imagery of common and slightly nostalgic items Hennessey tells narratives of hopes and dreams, and of memories and transformations. 

Sean Hennessey,  “Killing Time and Times Revenge” (detail and full image), glass, concrete, found objects, paint, wood, integrated video components

A graduate of the unique Berea College, Sean worked in professional theater for 10 years as a welder, carpenter, rigger, scenic artist, prop artist, and designer all the while creating his own artwork. Sean has been with the Washington Glass School since 2004 when Tim Tate finally convinced him that glass was cool.

Sean Hennessey reviews the cast glass panel fresh out of the kiln. After the annealed panel cools, Sean works the panel with concrete and paints.

Hennessey’s sculptures are kiln formed slump cast glass panels that he trowels and paints with concrete and stains. His works have a feeling of relics, of archeology, and of the study of the past.

Sean Hennessey “The Tweedles” (detail) kilncast glass, paint, EL panel lighting.
24″ x 12″

Said Hennessey of the new works being installed his solo show “I wanted to start with the fun, absurdist, creative stories of Lewis Carroll’s tale, using my own imagery, visual language and loose interpretations, riddled with a personal take on metaphors and combine that with materials I have been using and with materials that are very new to me. The desire to include video and lighting in my work was the original impetus for this project”. 

Sean Hennessey “Finding The Right Key” (detail) kilnfired glass, concrete, paint, EL panel lighting.

 “I equate the concrete with the realities of earth, and life, and the shell that we use to protect ourselves from exposing our soul to the world” Hennessey said his use of unusual medias not normally associated with fine art.I‘ve been combining glass, paint, steel, wood, concrete, found objects, stencils,  LED’s, electroluminescent lighting (EL) and video. All the fun stuff.”

Sean Hennessey, “Pool of Tears” (with image detail), kilncast glass, paint, steel, wood, integrated video component

The series was funded, in part, from a grant Hennessey received from the District of Columbia’s Commission on the Arts and Humanitiesand will be hosted by the architecture firm Weibenson and Dorman in the 410 Goodbuddy Gallery.

Hennessey is one of the artists involved in the renovation of the entry doors of the Library of Congress’ Adams Buildingby the Architect of the Capitol, now under production. One of the East Coast’s leading mold makers, Hennessey has been taking castings of the landmark’s historic bronze doors as part of the process in translating the relief sculptures into cast glass for the building entry.

Sean Hennessey, “Drink Me” (detail)

Sean Hennessey: Reimagining Alice

A MixedMultimedia Series Based On Alice In Wonderland
September 28th – October 26, 2012

Opening Reception Friday, September 28th, from 5-8 PM

410 GooDBuddY Gallery

410 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

410 GooDBuddY is an exhibition space can that can be used by a single artist to exhibit their works. It is within the FRINJ neighborhood of Washington, DC, and is partially provided by Wiebenson & Dorman Architects whose studio is located in the same building.

New Video Work From Tim Tate


Newest Video Project

I was recently advised by a spectacular gallery that while they loved the video reliquary pieces, I should consider doing important work. No offense was meant, and in response I have decided to take that advice to heart with this next project. Important or not…it is a show without constrictions. I did that by separating glass and video for this project. My fascination with miniaturizing still worked for the glass part of my brain…..but the video part of my brain had to abandon glass temporarily. It was the scale of glass that held me back.

In the summer of 2013 I will be presenting an all video exhibit at Washington, DC’s American University’s Katzen Art Center. In one of the rooms I will be presenting an updated version of my video installation “The Waking Dreams Of Magdelena Moliere”. Magdelena is a fictitious character whom you get to know and understand thru her dreams. You enter her world by passing through the portals of shadow and light. These are the pieces I have been working on these last several months.

The portals of shadow and light flank each side of the entrance to Magdelena’s room. They consist of 2 vertical flat video screens with ornate regency frames, one painted a satin black, the other a soft cream. Each is approximately 3 ft by 4ft.

Inside the cream colored Portal Of Light I have a video of slowly roiling clouds surrounded by soft blue electricity. Into this scene drops 3 plumb bobs at different speeds and heights continually unwinding from above , chaotic at first, then finding balance and ascending again.

Inside the satin black Portal Of Shadow I have a video of roiling smoke surrounded by small slow flames. Inside that an image of a glass vase floats up from the bottom and smashes against the top of the video screen into many pieces, which slowly reassemble and descend again to darkness.

If the videos do not work below in this posting, they can be seen on my facebook page under videos.

I find these portals extremely compelling. They have the look and feel of a Victorian painting, while incorporating new media to depict the narrative inherent in the video portals. I plan on investigating this format many times over the next few years.

New Fall Class Schedule – Part 1

>Ready to leave this summer behind and fire up your fall?

The Washington Glass School’s 2011 fall courses are now available and enrollment is open. The schedule has some of our classic classes, and some exciting new classes with all-new techniques!

New classes like “Using Neon in Sculpture” where neon has left the tube! The gas is still contained and charged – but into forms made by either lampworking or blown glass or or KILN FUSING! Awesome!

Maybe you are looking for a jolt to your visual expression and are looking to branch out from your comfort zone by incorporating video, but had no idea how to start. Here’s a way! The 2-day workshop “Video As A Sculptural Medium” will help you begin your understanding of shooting and editing video. Awesomer!

More practical minded? How about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work making an environmentally friendly table? In “Eco-Tables” you will make the steel base (and learn the basics of welding) and glass top from recycled glass (learning the art of fusing).

recycled glass and steel table

glass sconce by Nancy Donnelly

Or “Making Glass Sconces for Your Home” where you learn to cut, fuse and shape glass into a sconce. You will make the hardware to mount the light. Build your own dream house – from the inside out! Awesome Domestic Bliss!


Fall 2011 Schedule

(Lampworking Class Schedule next posting)


Class 1120- Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend

Our most popular class, this is the fastest way to learn all aspects of warm glass in the shortest amount of time! Under the supervision of a professional glass artist you will learn the fundamentals of fusing, slumping and dimensional kiln casting. Everything from bowls and plates to sculptural objects… this is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the basics of glass… and you will leave with several very cool items! Offered 2 times in the fall session.

Instructor: Robert Kincheloe
Dates: Session A : Sat/Sun – Sept. 24/25
Session B : Sat /Sun Nov 12/13
Time: 1pm to 5pm each day
Tuition: $300 per student (all materials included)


Class 1121 – Going Green

Green up your life by doing something creative to help the environment! This is an exploration into using recycled glass to make sculptural pieces, tableware, and architectural elements. We will delve into multiple techniques, including casting, fusing and slumping. Glass chemistry, coloration, and firing temperatures will be explained for each particular application. It is a fantastic way to learn aspects of any warm glass work while focusing on recycling! Once you start down the path of recycled glass, you will see more and more opportunities for experimentation around you. No prior experience is necessary – you are encouraged to bring in materials you’d like to try…and you will leave with several very cool items!

Instructor: Erwin Timmers
Dates: Wed Evenings Sept 14, 21 & 28
Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
Tuition : $350


Class 1122 – Eco-Tables

This is your chance to venture into furniture-making for your home. We will focus on using recycled materials to create a side table. You will get an introduction to welding and then cut and weld a steel frame. You will then cast or fuse an incredibly cool glass top to give you a one-of-a-kind table of your own design. No prior welding or glass experience is needed but not discouraged. There are size limitations for the glass top – not to exceed 18″ x 18″.

Instructor: Erwin Timmers
Dates : Wednesday eves, Oct 12, 19, 26 and Nov 2
Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
Tuition: $400 per student (all materials included)


Class 1123 – Using Neon In Your Sculpture – Not Your Grandfather’s Neon

Neon doesn’t only come in a tube anymore! This is a great way to use neon in new ways! Expand your vocabulary of your sculptural glass by lighting up your forms. This class will focus on 2 areas. You must pick one:
A).Designing hollow sculpture for experienced flameworkers at a bench torch.
B). Fusers who would like to incorporate neon in bullseye or plate glass by creating a void. Very new idea!
The students will make hollow forms that will be filled and illuminated with noble gases (such as neon, argon, krypton, or xenon). The course will provide a basic understanding of neon. Demonstrations and discussions will encompass different gases, the effects of gas pressure (including plasma), different effects achieved by varying forms and transformer use. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with glass forms that are filled with gas and will illuminate the possibilities. Cut off date to register for this class will be OCT 1st!

Instructor: Jason Chakravarty
Dates: Columbus Day Weekend/ Sat-Sun-Mon /Oct 8-9-10
Time: 2 to 6pm each day
Tuition: $500 per student


Class 1124 – Making Glass Sconces for your Home

wall sconce by Nancy Donnelly

Are you looking to brighten up your life? Do you want to see your house in a new light? Well, come in and make your own in this class! You’ll learn to cut, fuse and shape glass into a sconce. You will design your own mold, and make the hardware to mount the light. You will also learn how to safely wire and install your new sconce. No glass or electrical experience is necessary.

Instructor: Erwin Timmers
Dates: Wednesday eves, Nov 9 &16
Time : 7pm to 9:30pm each day
Tuition: $300 per student (all materials included)


Class 1126 -Video As A Sculptural Medium

Have you been interested in the thought of working with video? Have you thought that maybe its time to add video to your artwork? Well, here’s the way! This 2 day workshop will help you begin your understanding of shooting and editing video. Using simple equipment, we will cover shooting, lighting, editing with iMovie and FinalCut, using video with current artwork, and narrative concepts. This class will be easier if you have a MacBook with iMovie or FinalCut loaded, or a PC Laptop with those programs. Come and get started with this adaptable artform! This class limited to 6 participants.

Instructor: Tim Tate / Pete Duvall
Dates: Sunday afternoons in Oct 23 & 30
Time : 1pm to 5pm each day
Tuition: $300 per student


Class 1127- Work At Your Own Pace / Open Studio

Already know the basics of casting or fusing? Open Studio gives each student the opportunity to work independently in a world class studio. Tuition includes a kiln firing per session, clear base glass and colored scrap glass, use of studio tools.

Instructor: Studio Staff
Dates: Wed/Thurs/Sat afternoons (call to confirm appointment)
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Tuition: $300 for 4 sessions


For the list of NEW Fall 2011 Lampworking Classes – click HERE


PayPal Class Registration

Catherine Edelman Gallery features Tim Tate

Chicago’s Catherine Edelman Gallery is renown for photographic exhibitions, and they have expanded via their new Edelman Projects Presents , as a way to showcase work that is outside the photographic medium.
Tim Tate, along with painter Fred Stonehouse are the featured artists in the current two-man exhibition. Tim’s work on exhibit is his 21st Century Sideshow.

Want a quick trip to Chicago to see the show – well, click on the link below, and Tim Tate will take you through the exhibition!

Artist Talk with Tim Tate (2011) from Catherine Edelman Gallery on Vimeo.

The show is open at Catherine Edelman Gallery through July 9, 2011.