Robert Kincheloe’s Work at Adam Lister Gallery


Based on the idea that all big things are ultimately composed of smaller things, Adam Lister Gallery presents a special collection of artwork that represents glimpses from the path that each artist is creating. These small works take on an intimate nature, drawing the viewer in close and giving them a more personal experience. They are components and elements of the bigger picture while functioning as clues and hints into the mind of the artist. There’s a challenge that the artist faces when dealing with small scale work, it forces them to use a specific control while containing limitless concepts within a limited space. Our little Robert Kincheloe is featured in group show.


NOV.16 – DEC.5, 2001

Gallery Reception: Wed. Nov.16, 7-9PM

John M. Adams

David Barr

Craig Hill

Robert Kincheloe

J.T. Kirkland

Tamryn McDermott

Jacobe Noonan

Adam Lister Gallery

3950 University Drive (1st floor)

Fairfax, Virginia
Contact the gallery for more info:

Hot Glass Stars Featured in Glass Line Magazine


Glass Line magazine – the online and hard copy publication about flameworking, features Rob Kincheloe in the October/November 2011 issue.

Rob is featured in this months’ Glass Line magazine.

Robert Kincheloe “Arrow of Potential” Cast and Lampworked Boro Glass

Carmen Lozar “Lamplighter” Blown and Flameworked Glass

Other artists featured in the Oct/Nov issue include glass favorites like Carmen Lozar, Kathleen Elliot, & Robert Mickelsen along with a number of glass artists.

Kathleen Elliot’s botanical vocabulary is featured in the magazine.

The issue also includes a review of the new book about Paul Stankard’s work “Beauty Beyond Nature”, by the R M Minkoff Foundation.

For more information about the issue and the magazine – check out Glass Line’s website:

Gateway Arts & Brentwood Arts Exchange Gallery Events

>Gateway Arts Center and The Brentwood Arts Exchange feature a number of WGS artists in shows opening this weekend.

WGS’ photographic dynamic duo of Alison & Pete Duvall are each featured in the “The Sky’s the Limit, the 2011 Prince George’s County Juried Exhibition“, presenting art in all media that incorporate photographic techniques. Juried by Michael Platt, the exhibition features purchase prizes by the Prince George’s Ars Councial and The M-NCPPC Prince George’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Arrow of Potential, Robert Kincheloe 2011; cast and torchworked borosilicate glass

Robert Kincheloe – our head of the lampworking department – will be the first artist showcased in the Brentwood Arts Exchange’s new ‘Feature Artist’ program. Rob will be presenting many of his cast borosilicate glass artworks. His work will be exhibited in the Crafts Showroom area.

Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 10, 5-8pm

Exhibition Continues:

September 5 – October 31

Brentwood Arts Exchange @ Gateway Arts Center

3901 Rhode Island Avenue

Brentwood, MD 20722


Upstairs @ the 39th Street Gallery

WGS artist Debra Ruzinsky, and ceramic artist Novie Trump are two of the of the artists curated by Phil Davis for the 39th Street Gallery show ” Trade. An art exhibition based on exchange portfolios.”

Joan Belmar, Serena Perrone, Debra Ruzinsky, Justin Strom, Jon Swindler, Laura G. Thorne, Novie Trump, and Tom Wolff.

“Trade” is exchange; it means “commerce” and “profession.” The exhibition Trade at the 39th Street Gallery intends to be all of those things. It’s about working in the arts, meant to be transparent about placing the gallery and the Gateway CDC are at the center of all the things galleries do: supporting artists, building relationships, creating discourse, and yes, funding the continuation of those efforts. Based on the concept of an exchange portfolio and curated by Phil Davis, Trade brings together eight artists to each create a new edition of 12 artworks. Every artist will receive one work by each other artist, becoming one another’s collectors and inevitably also one another’s promoters. The remaining four works in each edition are available for sale – all at the same price of $250. It’s a rare opportunity to collect work by established artists at such an affordable level. Proceeds go directly to the artists and also benefit the Gateway CDC, which in turn supports arts programming in the 39th Street Gallery as well as work to continue developing the Gateway Arts District.

September 10 – October 29, 2011.

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10. 5:00 – 8:00pm

39th Street Gallery

Gallery Hours:

7pm – 9pm Thursday – Friday

12pm – 4pm Saturdays

ISGB Opens July 27.


The Glass School Gang celebrates Rob Kincheloes birthday at Franklin’s Restaurant.

L-R: Michael Janis, Tim Tate, visiting artist Melissa Stern, Erwin Timmers, Robert Kincheloe, Sean Hennessey & Nancy Donnelly. Photo by Chip Montague.

The Washington Glass School had lunch at nearby Franklins to:

1). Celebrate Rob’s Birthday.

2) Wish Rob well at the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) Gathering in Louisville, KY, opening the 27th. Rob will be presenting at the conference, and he promised photos for to post on the school blog.

Looking forward to the postings!

Glass Sparks: Robert Wyckliffe Kincheloe


Glass artist Robert Wyckliffe Kincheloe is focused on blending a variety of techniques to create sculptural works in glass. Rob has studied all forms of glass including scientific flameworking, sculptural flameworking, fusing, kiln-casting, glass blowing, hot casting, cold-working, and the blending of techniques for sculptural assembly. His focus is flameworked and cold-worked borosilicate glass and he has been pioneering the use of kiln-casting borosilicate glass for use in flameworking.

Robert Kincheloe demo at Penland School of Crafts 2011

Robert has studied and taught glass techniques at many centers, including Virginia Tech Scientific Glass Lab, Penland School of Crafts, the Carslisle School of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, and The Bullseye Research Lab. For several years, Rob has been part of the technical staff involved with the International Society of Glass Beadmakers annual Gathering. He was selected as a Glass Craft Emerging Artist for spring 2010 in The Flow Magazine. Robert was also been published in the spring 2011 edition of The Flow magazine for his techniques on incorporation of kiln-casting of Borosilicate components in Flameworked Sculptures. He has another tutorial on cold-working techniques coming out in the summer 2011 edition of The Flow Magazine.He has been the Studio Coordinator and a Resident Artist at the Washington Glass School for the last year.

Robert heads up the flameworking program at the Washington Glass School, where he is adding new levels of glass instruction and working at crossing over techniques to those already offered at WGS.

Robert Kincheloe Tree of Life, 2010

Robert Kincheloe Holding onto Possibilities, 2010

Holding onto Possibilities” was made for the The Flow Magazine’s Spring 2011 Tutorial: Flameworking with Kiln-cast Borosilicate Glass.

Robert Kincheloe Shine On Your Love Light, 2011
Kiln-cast glass, Steel, and LED lighting.

Robert actively teaches and promotes the progress of glass arts as a creative medium. This summer Rob will be teaching and presenting at the 2011
ISGB Gathering in Louisville, KY. He will be assisting Elizabeth Ryland Mears at the Pittsburgh Glass Center for her summer flameworking intensive. Robert will also be presenting cold-working techniques for flameworking at the Art Glass Invitational in Hilliards, PA.

Click HERE to jump to Robert Kincheloe’s website.

Robert will be one of the featured artists at Longview Gallery ‘s exhibition in honor of Washington Glass School’s 10 year anniversary: Washington Glass School: The First 10 Years

LongView Gallery

1234 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC
May 19 – June 19, Opening Reception, May 19th, 6:30-8:30 PM

For other glass artist profiles:

Diane Cabe

Sean Hennessey

Teddie Hathaway

Elizabeth Mears

Jeff Zimmer

Allegra Marquart

Jackie Greeves

2011 ISGB Conference in Louisville


The 2011 International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) Gathering will take place in Louisville, Kentucky from July 27th – July 31st. This year’s theme is “Diversity and Creativity: Cultural Influences in Glass Beadmaking”.

The ISGB Gathering will feature presentations, gallery tours, workshops and opportunities to network. Our torchworking superstar, Rob Kincheloe will be one of the presenters.

Click here to jump to the ISGB Registration Booklet PDF for a listing of the classes and presenters.

Hot Stuff – "Lost Foam Process" at DC Glass Works

>Robert Kincheloe was at the DC Glass Works aluminum pour last night – working on a series of sculpture pieces. Watch as the molten aluminum is poured into the steel containers containing sand and the original stryofoam forms that are sacrificed as the hot aluminum replaces the original.

click on image to jump to video

Viva Tysons!


Artist/author/coach Brit Hammer-Dijcks writes about artists and overcoming stagnation in an article in this month’s Viva Tysons! Magazine. Brit had interviewed and quotes WGS’ Robert Kincheloe and Tim Tate.

The article encourages readers to begin creating and is based upon the premise that we are ALL born artists. Picasso said it best: “Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.”

Click HERE to jump to the full article.

Boro Casting


A casting kiln loaded with boro.

Robert Kincheloe has been developing a method of casting using borosilicate glass (aka “hard” glass or 33 C.O.E or Pyrex) and creating components that can later be assembled into Flameworked sculpture.

Rob Kincheloe prepping the glass to be invested into the molds.

Here Rob had made plaster/silica molds via the “lost wax casting” process, and is now loading into the kiln, investing with boro glass.
His process of merging warm and hot glass practices creates one of a kind sculptural works of art.

Rob arranging the molds inside the kiln – ensuring even heating.

Placing the “hard” glass into the molds

Rob documents each step of the process for his posting online.

“Crashing” the kiln to take the glass out of devit range.

The red-hot glass at 2100º F

Some of the cast boro elements – showing the translucent colors. These elements will later be flameworked into sculpture.