Robert Kincheloe’s Work at Adam Lister Gallery


Based on the idea that all big things are ultimately composed of smaller things, Adam Lister Gallery presents a special collection of artwork that represents glimpses from the path that each artist is creating. These small works take on an intimate nature, drawing the viewer in close and giving them a more personal experience. They are components and elements of the bigger picture while functioning as clues and hints into the mind of the artist. There’s a challenge that the artist faces when dealing with small scale work, it forces them to use a specific control while containing limitless concepts within a limited space. Our little Robert Kincheloe is featured in group show.


NOV.16 – DEC.5, 2001

Gallery Reception: Wed. Nov.16, 7-9PM

John M. Adams

David Barr

Craig Hill

Robert Kincheloe

J.T. Kirkland

Tamryn McDermott

Jacobe Noonan

Adam Lister Gallery

3950 University Drive (1st floor)

Fairfax, Virginia
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