Palm Beach 3 Opens!

>Celebrating its 12th anniversary, the PalmBeach3 contemporary art fair returns to the Palm Beach County Convention Center on January 15-18, 2009. The glittering vernissage debuts January 14, 2009.
Washington Glass School is represented by Allegra Marquart, Tim Tate and Michael Janis showing in Maurine Littleton Gallery’s space.

John LaPrade, assistant director of Maurine Littleton Gallery sends his cell phone pix of the setup at the fair.

The gallery looks great!

‘New Glass Review’ features Washington Glass School artist


The Corning Museum of Glass hosts a yearly international review of glass in a publication from Germany called New Glass Review (Neues Glas).

This year’s judges included Rachel Berwick, Department Head of Glass, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island; Mieke Groot, independant curator, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Tina Oldknow, the Curator of Modern Glass for Corning Museum, Corning, New York; and Dante Marioni, glass superstar, Seattle, Washington.

A total of 1,047 artists from 43 countries sent 2,974 images of work for consideration. Of these 100 were selected for inclusion in New Glass Review 30, and I am thrilled to be one of those 100! The publication is due in May, and the images will be part of the Corning Museum’s Rakow Research Library.

Michael Janis

Manifest Hope DC exhibition


Manifest Hope: DC is an art exhibition produced by EMG (Evolutionary Media Group) and Shepard Fairey’s OBEY group.

Art plays a pivotal role in creating cultural momentum. The MANIFEST HOPE: DC Gallery celebrates that role and shines a spotlight on artists who use their voices to amplify and motivate the grassroots movement that carried President-Elect Barack Obama to victory. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Duke Ellington School In Washington, DC.

The MANIFEST HOPE: DC Gallery will be open to the public in Washington, DC for the days preceding the Presidential Inauguration, Saturday, January 17th, 2009 through Monday, January 19th, 2009 between the hours of 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Irvine Contemporary is the Washington, DC gallery manager. For more info on Manifest Hope, click here for the website.

MANIFEST HOPE: DC January 17th-19th, 2009 10:00am – 6:00pm

Exhibition space: 3333 M Street NW, Washington DC 20007

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: (partial list) Aaron Foster Aaron Axelrod Aaron Allen Aaron and Ayumi Piland Amy Martin Andrew Bannecker Andy Powell Bask Billi Kid Billy Colbert Blue Lucy BOOKS IIII Brian McCarty Charlie Becker Chris Stain Chris Pastras Cody Hudson Damon Locks Dan Woehrle Dan Monick Dan Funderburgh David Choe Deroy Peraza Eddie El MAC Estevan Oriol Felix Jackson Jr. Frederic Terral Gary Baseman George Vlosich Ginger Che Guillermo Bert Herb Williams House Industries HVW8 James Widener Jason Hardy Jason Dietrick JK5 Jon Wippich Jovi Schnell Julie Adler Justin Kleiner Justin Hampton Justin Kemerling “Justin Demo” Fines Karen Wippich Katherine Kendall Kelly Towles Kelly Ording Kenji Hirata Kwaku Alston Larissa Marantz Luba Lukova Lukas Ketner Margaret Coble Mark Jenkins Matt Kleiner Maya Hayuk Mel Kadel Michael Cuffe Mike Murphy Mike Jacob Mike Perry Munk One Nick Dewar Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth Rafael Lopez Ray Noland Regan Rosburg Ron English Sage Vaughn Sam Flores Sarah Hoskins Scot LeFavor Scott Hansen Shel Starkman Sol Sender Tanya M Rodrigo Tatyanna Fazlalizadeh Tes One Tim Conlon Tim Tate Tina Rodas Tom Slaughter Travis Millard Tristan Eaton Van Taylor Monroe Will Barras Yvonne Boogaerts

Glass Lovers Class

>The first class of 2009 is the beginner’s class – Glass Lovers Weekend.

Jennie Lindstrom and Don Daniels teach this popular class. The class is intensive, but everyone gets to create a number of cool glass objects. Shown here is the class working on a clay positive object that will ultimately be made from cast glass.

A Pepsi can in clay

News Bulletin: Tim Tate in Wash Post!

>Washington Post Metro Section:

By David Nakamura
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 9, 2009; Page B01
Across the Washington region, homeowners’ dreams of a quick and easy payday are evaporating as the days tick down to President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony Jan. 20: The inaugural housing market has gone bust in record time.
Those who listed their properties within a week or two of Obama’s Nov. 4 election victory were able to score deals, but those who jumped on the bandwagon after that have largely been left without offers.
Take Tim Tate, for instance. When he heard that a neighbor had rented out his condo in the trendy Mather Studios in downtown Washington for $3,000 for inauguration week, he and his friends hatched a plan to rent out their own units and use the profits for a week-long jaunt to Morocco.
But nearly two months after listing his condo on an inaugural housing Web site (one bedroom, one bath, $2,000 for the week), Tate has gotten nary a nibble. Neither have his friends. He dropped the price twice. The only inquiry came from European parents who wanted to rent it for their daughter’s semester in the District.
“We all started to list, and then the silence ensued,” said Tate, a glass artist and founder of the Washington Glass Studio and Community Arts Centre.
for more of the article – click here:

Erwin Timmers creates new award


Erwin Timmers (the king of green art) has created the new award for The National Capital Fiat Club (DC Fiats). Using green glass, Erwin cast the image of the US Capitol dome, and formed the glass into the 2009 award.

Eco-artist Erwin Timmers’ arwork relates to environmental issues and he shows this in his themes and the techniques he uses – with Erwin, it’s not just the finished product, but also the process used to create the art.

Erwin teaches many classes at the Washington Glass School that incorporate sustainable design.

For Erwin’s website – click here.

Allegra Marquart


Allegra Marquart’s is a print artist who is now translating her work into glass. Allegra creates whimsical, allegorical stories that are sand carved into colored glass panels that she makes. Her story panels were the hit of Chicago SOFA 2008, and her work is represented by Maurine Littleton Gallery in Georgetown.

Look at more of Allegra’s work on her website – click here

Allegra will be showing at Palm Beach 3 Contemporary Art Fair in January, 2009.