Spring & Summer 2015 Class Schedule

Spring/Summer 2015 Class Schedule


Class 2000 –  Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend

 glass class dc

As mentioned in the September issue of Washingtonian Magazine – Our most popular class, this is the fastest way to learn all aspects of warm glass in the shortest amount of time! Under the supervision of a professional glass artist you will learn the fundamentals of fusing, slumping and dimensional kiln casting. Everything from bowls and plates to sculptural objects… this is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the basics of glass… and you will leave with several very cool items!

Instructor:      Audrey Wilson

Dates            Session A – Sat/Sun  May 2/3Session B- Sat/Sun June 27/28, Session C – Sat/Sun Aug. 1/2

Time               1pm to 5pm each day
Tuition            $350 per student (all mtls included)  


Class 2001 – MIG Welding For Dummies!


Ever wondered about learning to weld? Want to impress your friends, your older brother and that cute bartender? It’s easier than you think! In three evenings you will learn how to lay a bead, and handle all sorts of sharp and dangerous tools. You will be able to complete a small project and leave with lots of ideas and know-how for other projects. This class will teach you the basics of welding, metal work and design, joining, bending and finishing. And you will get dirty!

Instructor :  Erwin Timmers
Dates:          Session A: Thurs eves in April (16,23,30), Session B: Thursday eves in July (9,16,23)

Time :          7pm to 9:30pm

Tuition :       $375 per student


Class 2002 – Audrey’s Super Bowl Parties!

next step glass fuse bowls

You like bowls?  So do we!  So come join Audrey Wilson at a super Bowl Making party! Email for availability…..and let the bowl making begin!
(email the instructor Audrey directly on this one – studio@washglass.com) 

(max 6 students per session; 3 bowls per student depending on size of bowl)

Instructor :  Audrey Wilson

Dates :   Super Bowl Parties take place on the following dates:

May 23;  July 18;  Aug 8;    Aug 22

Time :    1:30 pm to 4pm

Tuition : $75 for each session if using float glass, $100 for Bullseye glass.

Class 2003 –  Bas Relief in Glass – Overview  of Deep Relief Dry Plaster Casting

Tired of working flat? Want an easy way to get some real depth into your glass? Here’s a fun class where you will learn one of the easiest yet most versatile methods of kiln casting glass to achieve bas-relief sculpture. This incredible method has endless fine art and architectural applications. In this two day class, we will discuss different types of glass and their firing schedules. Working with color and how it can affect dimensional casting will also be explored. Bring items you may want to cast with this method or choose from our image library. All materials and firings are included.
Instructors :  Sean Hennessey/Audrey Wilson
Dates :         Tues eves (May 19, 26, June 2)

Time :          7pm to 9:30pm

Tuition :       $375 per student


Class 2004 -Silk Screening and Painting On Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

This workshop will cover numerous painting on glass techniques, some dating from Medieval times, but most developed in modern times. Students will learn hand painting, airbrushing, inking, and silk-screening processes using kiln fired enamels. The main emphasis of the class is silk-screening techniques. A variety of silk-screens with patterns, graphics and photographs will be available for the class to use. The glass is kiln fired to make these images permanent on the top surface of the glass, which is called a polish fuse. Demonstrations on how to frame and light the work will be shown. Three professional practice lectures will be presented to provide insight for beginners and professionals. These include how to “package yourself”,  “market your art”, and “successfully get into artist residencies”.Students can choose to leave the class with one finished work or a stack of painted glass samples, or both!* We will not be making the screens but students have the option of bringing their own silk-screens, and will be directed how to after they sign up.

Instructor :  Joseph Cavalieri

Dates :         Sept 5, 6, 7 over Labor Day Weekend

Time :          10am to 5pm

Tuition :       $500 per student


Class 2005 – Next Step Fusing – Applying Tack Fused Imagery

Bring your fusing skills to a new level. Beginning fusers will learn to use molds and frit to produce bas relief objects, then will tack fuse them into a patterned bowl on a base glass piece.

Instructor :  Audrey Wilson

Dates :         Tuesday eves. Sept. (8, 15, 22)

Time :          7pm to 9:30pm

Tuition :       $450 per student


Class 2006- Lighting Up Your Life….Making Lighting For Your Home!

Are you looking to bring some new light into your home? Tired of having the same lamps around? Well, come and make a new one in this class! You will truly display your glass skills in their best light. You’ll learn to cut, fuse and shape glass into the right form. Ceiling or wall fixture; you will have the chance to design your own. You will also learn how to safely wire and install your new lamp. No glass or electrical experience is necessary. We provide the mounting hardware.

Instructor :  Erwin Timmers

Dates :        Thurs eves in May (14,21,28)

Time :  7 pm to 9:30pm

Tuition :      $350

Class 2007- Next Step MIG Welding

Now that you’ve tried your hand at MIG welding, the hot-glue gun of the metal shop, why not expand your horizons? We will offer a truck load of new techniques. You can compare welding stainless steel vs. aluminum, and pit the plasma cutter vs. oxy-acetylene. You will also improve your MIG skills, and spend more time on grinding, polishing, finishing and patinas. Bring ideas for a small project and you’ll walk home with it. Remember, this is a real, live, active, working shop! You will get dirty. Wear closed-toe shoes and long pants.Prerequisite: MIG welding class or equivalent experience.

Instructor : Erwin Timmers

Dates :      Thurs eve in June (11,18,25)

Time :       7pm to 9:30pm

Tuition :      $375


Class 2008- Open Studio – Work At Your Own Pace

Beginner's Glass Lovers

Already know the basics of casting or fusing? Open Studio gives each student the opportunity to work independently in a world class studio. Tuition includes a kiln firing per session, clear base glass and colored scrap glass, use of studio tools. Note: students working in dry plaster casting need to schedule cleanup date with studio coordinator.

Instructor :  Studio Staff

Dates :        Wed/Thurs/Sat afternoons (call to confirm appointment)

Time :        1pm to 5pm

Tuition :      $300 for 4 sessions

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