Omaha’s The Reader on Glass Exhibit

Gallery 72's exhibit of studio glass in Omaha, Nebraska.

Gallery 72’s exhibit of studio glass in Omaha, Nebraska.

Recently, the Washington Glass School blog noted Omaha, NE’s Gallery 72 exhibit “The Greatness of Studio Glass”. The show (just ending) had a great review in the local newspaper “The Reader“. Critic David Thompson wrote:” Rich in content and impeccably installed, this show provides a great opportunity to understand the relatively brief history of studio art glass as an American art form. The twelve artists in this show… all combine to say a great deal about art glass’s past, present, and future.”  

Mr Thomas has some notes about WGS artists: “Allegra Marquart’s past as a printmaker lingers in her flat, pictorial pieces that seem glow like pages from a magical storybook (Aesop’s Fables is one of her inspirations).”

Michael Janis’ artwork is also commented upon: “Yet another intriguing use of glass occurs in the work of Michael Janis, for whom the material functions as a lens, sometimes one of several, through which we view the other, more pictorial elements of the work.  Sometimes these elements are three-dimensional, as in the glass leaves that cascade down the front of “The Forest for the Trees.”  Sometimes they are both two- and three-dimensional, like the tiny shadows sprinkled across Janis’s works that are cast by bubbles in the glass surface.”

Mr Thompson ends his review with: “Gallery 72 has given us an engaging array of pieces from art glass’s past and present.  It is not to be missed.  Harvey Littleton would be proud.”

All of us, actually!

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