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Class 1001 – Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend

Our most popular class, this is the fastest way to learn all aspects of warm glass in the shortest amount of time! Under the supervision of professional glass artists you will learn the fundamentals of fusing, slumping & dimensional kiln casting. Everything from bowls and plates to sculptural objects….this is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the basics of glass….and you will leave with several very cool items! The class is offered 3 times during the Winter Class Semester.

Instructors : Tim Tate / Nicole Puzan
Dates : Offered 3 times this semester
Session 1001A – Sat/Sun January 16 & 17
Session 1001B – Sat/Sun February 20 & 21
Session 1001C – Sat/Sun March 27 & 28
Time : 1pm to 5pm each day
Tuition : $300 for each weekend session)


Class 1002 – Glass Bowls, Bowls, Bowls!!!

OK…we hear you! So many people love beautiful bowls! Glitzy dichroic on glass? Wow! Bullseye glass, float glass – even dichroic glass will be used – learn the secrets and tricks of these types of materials. This class will help you focus on your fusing techniques and slumping skills & is a great class to immerse yourself in to really get hooked on glass! All levels.

Instructor: Nicole Puzan
Dates: Tuesday evenings, January 12, 19, 26
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm each day
Tuition: $325

Class 1003 – Kiln Casting With Lea Topping

Lea Topping has long been one of our favorite casters and certainly has been a favorite at the Torpedo Factory for the last 20 years! Students will learn focus on silica/plaster casting. The basics of glass casting will be discussed and class time will be devoted to technique demonstrations and individual student work. This class is perfect for the sculptor who wants to translate their forms into glass.

Instructor : Lea Topping
Dates Sundays January 31, February 7, 14
Time : 1pm to 5pm each day
Tuition : $325

Class 1004 – Beginning MIG Welding

Want to try your hand at welding? Ever thought about making a metal stand to display your glass? How about a metal frame? You can do it yourself, and it’s easier than you think. In 3 evenings you will learn how to make a display stand or frame to show off your work at its best. You will also leave with lots of ideas and know-how for other projects. This class will teach you the basics of welding, metal work and design, joining, bending, and finishing.

Instructor: Erwin Timmers
Dates : Wednesday evenings in January 13, 20, 27
Time : 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Tuition : $300 per student


Class 1005 – Get Your Imagery In The Glass

Want a focused class that shows how to get your artistic images fused into glass? In this one day workshop, glass artist Michael Janis will show you what processes he uses to gets his incredibly detailed artwork – and some alternate methods. This hands-on class will deal with high-fire enamels, powders, and more.
Class Limit: 6 students

Instructor: Michael Janis
Date: Saturday, February 13
Time: 1:00 to 5 pm
Tuition: $200


Class 1006 – Recycle your Glass

Green up your life by doing something creative to help the environment! This is an exploration into using recycled glass to make sculptural pieces, architectural elements, jewelry and tableware. We will delve into various techniques, including casting, fusing and slumping. Once you start down the path of recycled glass, you will see more and more opportunities for experimentation around you. Glass chemistry, coloration, and firing temperatures will be explained for each particular application. No prior experience is necessary – you are encouraged to bring in materials you’d like to try.

Instructor: Erwin Timmers
Dates : Wednesday evenings in February 10, 17, 24
Time : 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Tuition : $300


Class 1007 – The Great Bullseye Roll-Up

If you’ve ever been interested in making your fused glass panels into blown vessels – this is the class for you! Come experience one of the most exciting trends in glass – where you will get the best of both worlds. One class will be spent fusing a Bullseye glass panel at the Washington Glass School. The next class will be held at DC GlassWorks where you will help to blow the fused glass into a vase, or a bowl, or go even go more sculptural! This class is for all experience levels, and is perfect for both fusers and blowers who want to see their imagery in blown glass. Everyone will further their own knowledge and broaden both their vocabulary and abilities.

Instructors: Dave D’Orio, Michael Janis
Dates: Saturday February 27 and March 6
Time: 1:30 to 5 pm each day
Tuition $350


Class 1008 – Photographic Image Transfers On Glass

The photo-emulsion transfer process did not die with Polaroid. Learn how to take your images, manipulate them, and put them on almost any surface using Fuji’s instant print film. Instructors Alison & Pete Duvall will show you several tips and techniques so you can get the most out of your images. This will be a hands-on workshop, so come prepared to get your hands dirty. All materials will be supplied by the instructors but students are encouraged to bring their own slides and any materials they would like to transfer images to. There is a $20 lab fee for supplies to be paid to the instructors on the day of the workshop.

Instructor: Pete and Alison Duvall
Date: Sunday, Feb 28
Time: 1 to 4 pm
Cost: $150 (+20 lab fee)


Class 1009 – Introduction to Rubber Mold Making

In this weekend class you will tackle the mysteries of making rubber molds. Use molds for the production of parts that can be duplicated in wax – the first step for casting glass, bronze or aluminum in the Lost Wax Process. (Hint: Debra’s amazing Lost Wax Glass Casting class will be offered next semester – plan ahead!) Bring in your own pieces to review and explore mold production, undercuts, multipart mold-making, and casting of wax. You will learn about a variety of materials and which to use in different situations. You will be asked to bring a minimum of 3 small objects (not more than 1.5” in any direction).

Instructor: Debra Ruzinsky
Dates: Sat/Sun March 6 & 7
Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm each day
Tuition: $300


Class 1010 – Sculptural Metalwork

Are you ready to take your metal creations to the next level? This class will be a hands-on exploration of various metal techniques, including welding and forging with well-known metalsmith Chris Shea. This is a rare opportunity to work with one of the best in the region! This is a great interactive and energetic class for those frustrated sculptors out there who really want to grow. Hammers away! Previous welding experience is preferred – but not necessary.

Instructors: Chris Shea, Erwin Timmers
Dates: Saturday March 6, 13, 20, 27
Times: 2 to 5pm each day
Tuition: $400


Class 1011 – X-treme Lava Lover’s Weekend!

This X-treme class is the fastest way to learn all aspects of warm and hot glass and hot metal!! in the shortest amount of time! Under the supervision of several professional glass artists you will learn the basics of how to fuse and kiln-cast glass, blow glass, and cast molten aluminum in one quick weekend! Everything from bowls and plates to sculptural objects….this is the perfect way for a beginner to learn the basics of glass and metal….and you will leave with several very cool items! For this class we will team up with our sister school, DC GlassWorks. The first day will be at our facilities, the second day there. What’s cooler than melting glass and metal?!

Instructors: Tim Tate/ Dave D’Dorio
Dates: Sat/Sun – March 13 & 14
Time: 1 to 5pm each day
Tuition: $400

Class 1012 – Painting with Wax: Basic/Intermediate Encaustic Workshop

Encaustic painting involves the use of beeswax as the medium. It is often mixed with pigment but color can also be added both before and after application of the wax. The wax is applied in molten form and each layer is fused with heat to the support, generally a board. The inherent translucency of the medium is beguiling and encourages layers of information. Encaustic is incredibly versatile – it can be carved into; collaged; Xerox transfers can be applied – the fun is in the experimenting!

Instructor: Ellyn Weiss
Dates: Sat/Sun March 20 & 21
Time: 10am to 3pm each day
Tuition: $300 + $25 materials fee


Class 1013 – Open Studio at your Own Pace

Already know the basics of casting or fusing? Open Studio gives each student the opportunity to work independently in a world class studio. Tuition includes a kiln firing per session, clear base glass and colored scrap glass, use of studio tools.

Instructor : Studio Staff
Dates : Wed/Thurs/Sat afternoons (call to confirm appointment)
Time : 1pm to 5pm
Tuition : $300 for 4 sessions

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