Maryland’s Salisbury University Visiting Artist Program

Salisbury University

Salisbury University

The Glass program at Salisbury University is now accepting applications for its Visiting Artist Program.
Application Deadline is May 15, 2015.

The Visiting Artist Program is a nine-month residency that invites a professional artist who works primarily with glass to be a vital part of the Glass Program at Salisbury University. resident artist will have full access to the glass facilities at SU to make a body of work in accordance with their research proposal, and with the opportunity to exhibit that work at the Salisbury University Gallery near the end of their residency period. 
In addition to making his or her own work, the chosen artist will also teach two beginner level glass courses per semester,* and work 10 hours a week as a studio technician. The teaching and studio technician load is a paid position. Classes are paid at $3,300 per academic course and $2,500 each semester for the studio technician, totaling $8,800 per semester.* All expenses, including housing, are the responsibility of the artist.
All applications must be submitted via email and include the following:
• Full CV, including contact information, education, and current position. MFA required.
• Residency project proposal
• Portfolio of 10-15 digital images of current work. The can be emailed, a link to your website or sent through Dropbox. No image should be larger than 2MB. If emailed, images can be sent in multiple emails. Image files should be labeled lastname_firstname_image number (1,2,3…)
• Corresponding Image list, with title, dimensions, materials and description. 
• Three Letters of Recommendation

Please send all application materials to:
Steven Durow, Assistant Professor
Head of Glass Program,
Salisbury University

*Subject to enrollment

5 thoughts on “Maryland’s Salisbury University Visiting Artist Program

  1. Too bad it’s mandatory to have a MFA degree. I suppose you believe schooling is more important than lifetime of experience in the field.

    • Mark
      It’s not that experience isn’t valued. However, since part of the residency involves teaching classes it’s required by the university that all faculty have a terminal degree.

  2. Wow after investing in tens of thousands of hours of experience and tens of thousands of dollars to earn an MFA I can have the privilege to apply for a job that I will be paid 16,000 a year for which I would be vastly overqualified!!! What’s terrible offer, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  3. “John Smith”

    The goal isn’t to provide a “job” but to offer a glass studio for an artist to use to make a body of work, interact with students and have a positive experience. It is a one year visiting artist position. I don’t know of any other visiting artist positions that allows you to have full use of the facilities as well as pay 16,000 a year. If that exists by all means you should apply for those. The teaching component of the offer is to help offset some of the expenses of the artists time here and is not meant as a full time faculty position, which it is not. We are a small state school program and we have very limited resources with which we are building and growing a great program with a great bunch of students. Not only am I not ‘ashamed’ of offering this opportunity I am deeply proud of what we are able to accomplish here with the resources we have.

  4. Sounds very interesting, and an enticing possibility to return ‘home’ to Maryland for a while! Is there further information on the University’s website? For example, what facilities are available? What processes do you want taught? Thank you.