Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate

Artist Tim Tate submits today’s post about keeping true to one’s vision – in spite of naysayers saying…. well, …nay!

A lesson for other artists, that I learned the hard way. Last year this time I was being shouted down as publicly as possible in national publications about the need to secede from past models . Last year I was accused of oversimplifying at best and misrepresenting at worst, of being guilty of revisionist history and narrow definitions……just to start. How dare a non-academic make such declarative statements and disrespect the past.

This year I have the director of a major museum critiquing my work in the best terms possible. This year one of my pieces will be named a “National Treasure” by the Smithsonian. This year I will be showing some of the best work I have ever made in some of the best venues in the world.

This is not stated to whine about the past nor brag on the present. I am just using this juxta-position to illustrate that as artists, we are surrounded by other people’s opinions about our work. Most of the time we close our ears to the good and the bad, but when its people or institutions whom we respect who are attacking us, its tough not to question your own direction.

The trick is to keep on that path you truly believe is right. Those who try to shout you down will soon fade. If you truly believe in your work and love it, so too shall others. Never change your thoughts, directions or work just because others try to drive you in that direction. Better to spend that negative energy towards finding people who believe as you do….who love your work as much as you do.

Slowly you will find the audience you have always hoped for…it just takes time and perseverance. See you at the fairs.

Tim Tate


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