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Kris Coronado interviews Erwin Timmers

The Washington Post Magazine columnist Kris Coronado spent the day in the Washington Glass School this week, interviewing Erwin Timmers for an upcoming article on recycling and environmentally conscious artwork.

Above & Below: Washington Post photographer Benjamin Tankersley photos artwork made from recycled glass components.

Erwin talked wth Kris about his background in sustainable design, and how the growing awareness of the limits to our natural resources has led to a greater appreciation and interest in work made with environmentally responsible materials. Post photographer Benjamin Tankersley set up a full photo backdrop to properly document Erwin’s eco-artwork. The Washington Post article is due out in the paper in early June.

About "Artists Spaces"


Kirk Waldroff sings the praises about living in the Mather Bldg.

The Posts’ Washington Express had a nice article about artist living spaces, featuring photos of painter Dana Ellyn‘s place
. Other artists are mentioned, including the glass school’s next-door neighbor, ceramic artist Margaret Boozer and the Washington Glass School’s own Kirk Waldroff.

“For Kirk Waldroff, 36, who lives at the other end of the third-floor Mather hallway from painter Ellyn, the built-in artist community was a huge draw.

“I knew living here would be a really big deal in terms of making connections,” says Waldroff, who was living with his parents previously. “It’s kind of the other side of the universe from living in your parents’ basement, in terms of getting into the art world.” His art has benefited, too: Thanks to help from a neighbor who runs the Washington Glass School, Waldroff introduced glass casting to his printmaking.”

For the rest of the article – click HERE.

Nancy Donnelly Takes on the Post


“Black Heroes” by Niki de Saint Phalle – photo by Bill O’Leary/Washington Post

Nancy Donnelly takes issue with Blake Gopnick’s Washington Post review of the Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture exhibit along New York Avenue.

Blake criticizes the artwork by writing: “Covered in fragments of ceramic tile, in bright colors and gold and silver, the four sculptures are vivid and lively. They should bring a grin to the faces of passersby and lift the hearts of drivers. They are very good fun. Is that enough? (italics mine).

To jump to read the original Post review – click HERE.

Nancy responds in the Washington Post:
“So what is worth doing? Is there room for delight in the vocabulary of art? Perhaps. Sometimes perception is actually bigger than the current vocabulary of criticism. Not everybody wants always to be striving for a leg up, or to express anger or despair. Other sides of human experience are also valid, and a great relief.”
Read her full response in the Post – click HERE.

Washington Post reviews Gateway Arts

>Today’s Washington Post Metro section had a full article about the Gateway Arts District, which includes Mount Rainier, MD where the Washington Glass School is located. For the past 10 years, the Prince George’s County area has worked at revitalizing the area and changing it from empty lots and abandoned warehouse storage into a funky arts community. The article’s tone was disappointingly snarky, but there were some positive elements – such as quotes from area superstar artists Margaret Boozer, Tim Tate and comments and a photo of Novie Trump.
Novie Trump working in Flux Studio
photo by Mark Gail – The Washington Post

The Post also had a photograph that was captioned with incorrect info – the imagery on the glass panel is not a photograph, but a drawing made from frit powder.
Michael Janis with sgraffito imagery on glass
photo by Mark Gail – The Washington Post

For the entire article – click HERE

Washington Post article

The August 8, 2009 weekend edition of the Washington Post newspaper Real Estate section had an article on the Washington, DC suburb of Mount Rainier, MD.
Post writer Jim Brocker enthused about the area being “something special”, with the “bungalows, large lots and tree-lined streets” with mentions of the Washington Glass School as one of the arts centers located in the “artist’ haven”. Combined with a large color photo taken inside the glass school, showing Michael Janis coldworking a class project by UK artist Stephen Beardsell as proof of the specialness.

Photos by Jim Brocker / Washington Post

For the article in its entirety – click Here

Washington Post On Glass School Anniversary Event


The Washington Post Weekend Section features the Glass School’s 8th Anniversary Open House. Come and join the artists – the surrounding art studios and the entire Gateway Arts District will be filled with events and celebrations!

Tim Tate ‘Red Devil Box’ photo by AnythingPhotographic

Washington Glass School Open House
Saturday May 16, 2009 Noon til 6 pm
3700 Otis Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712

The event is free and open to the public
Click here for the Post’s article.