Aussies Into Glass


Family glass fusing workshop

A visiting Australian family did a fused glass workshop this past weekend. The Spiliopoulos family worked with glass as part of their trip across the USA. Washington, DC’s museum culture had them looking for ways to get hands-on in art media. 

Two of the students – Victoria and Olivia are from Somerville House in Brisbane, Australia, and lively discussions on the nature of art, craft and design were the order of the day at the glass school. The influence of Australia in the history of fused glass was also touched upon, and the girls were keen to give it a go!

Victoria discuses craft vs art as the workshop continues.

Younger brother Tom incorporated his favorite theme – Angry Birds Star Wars. The couple hours at the studio was the first time since they arrived stateside that he has put down the ipad. 

Tom watches Olivia cut glass, and dons protective eyewear.
The Somerville students impress the instructor with their skills at glass cutting.
Mum gets some quiet time working with the ball of energy that is Tom.
Tom makes his tribute to Angry Birds

Looking for some pigs to shoot.

The girls load the kilns with their glass artwork.

References to Klaus Moje? Contemporary Aboriginal art? After annealing the glass work is presented.

Kids and Glass = FUN!


Erwin Timmers teaches the fun part of fusing glass to the excited class.

Brentwood Arts Exchange (part of Maryland’s Prince George’s Parks and Recreation) has its summer Creative Expressions Camp where kids get to explore a variety of artistic media as well as contemporary reading and writing activities around such themes as animals, nature, and adventure. Camp instructors Randall Holloway and Michelle Dukes were able to corral a big group with a lot of assistance from one of Brentwood Art Exchange’s summer staff, Nefertiti Warren.

“May I Please Have Some More?” New WGS studio coordinator Audrey Wilson doles out frits and stringers.
The students unleash their artistic visions in glass.
Pappa Erwin demonstrates the proper glass cutting procedure.
“I’m making a fish – how ’bout you?” “I am showing how ennui is the echo within” “Really? – cool!”
The Next Generation of artists get their start.
Some of the works of art after firing – beautiful!
One was possibly inspired by pop (cap) culture!

The WashingtonGlassSchool works closely with our neighborhoods and schools – as an organization we are driven by a commitment to social and environmental purposes. WGS has based its vision using the “Social Entrepreneurial Business Model” where we seek to achieve sustainability through a broad engagement of our communities without seeking grants and where “doing good” is integral to “doing well”.

Jeremy proudly shows off his first glass artwork piece .
The camp ended with a gallery show of the students’ work.

Art Camp at the Glass School


Kids & glass – the perfect companions!

Prince George’s County Brentwood Arts Exchange has its summertime Creative Expressions Camp where kids get to explore a variety of artistic media as well as contemporary reading and writing activities around such themes as animals, nature, and adventure.
One of the camp sessions (the adventure one) was held at the Washington Glass School

Rob Kincheloe helps direct the children on the finer aspects of working in glass.

Artistic expressions are nurtured (ie yanked out) from each student.

Mini masterpieces inside the kiln.