Pittsburgh Glass Center Benefit Auction Art On Fire

Join the over 400 community leaders and art appreciators for a fun and unforgettable evening in support of Pittsburgh Glass Center! The Art on Fire Auction is a hot party and Pittsburgh’s ONLY glass art auction. It’s a great opportunity to buy handmade, one-of-a-kind glass art for a good value while also supporting artists and Pittsburgh Glass Center.pgc.auctionThis year’s celebration (Friday, September 13 • 6:00–11:00pm) will feature:
Over 150 works of glass art created by artists locally and from around the world. PGC’s 2019 Honorary Artist is Shelley Muzylowski Allen, a painter and glass artist based near Seattle, Washington who adorns her glass sculptures and paintings with rusted metals and organic materials, focusing on the strength and stillness of animals. Her glass sculpture, entitled “Mercury,” will be this year’s signature auction piece.

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– Live Auction 8pm | Silent Auction 6–10pm (Bid Now!)

09/13/2019 | 6:00pm – 09/13/2019 | 11:00pm
Nova Place
100 South Commons, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

WWJD? He’d Work With Glass! Jesus ❤ Glass!

Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, c. 1500

Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, c. 1500

Auction house Christies unveiled this past week its previously top secret and “most thrilling acquisition to date”: Salvator Mundi (“Savior of the World”), a formerly lost masterwork by Leonardo da Vinci that is believed to be the artist’s last painting. Made around 1500 and presumed lost until discovered early this century. Believed to be the last Leonardo in private hands, it is estimated to sell for $100 million. The oil painting, which is 25 7/8 inches by 18 inches.


The painting originally hung in the collection of King Charles I and depicts a beatific Jesus Christ, clad in lapis lazuli robes and holding a glass orb, one hand extended skyward; it bears a certain compositional likeness to the Mona Lisa, and was painted around the same time. Of 15 Da Vinci paintings presently known to exist, Salvator Mundi is the only one in private hands.

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Penland Auction & Tour


The Penland 2012 auction tent as lighting lights up the sky. The central focus of the trip was built around attending Penland’s Annual Benefit Auction featuring the sale of over 200 craft items, and it was a wonderful opportunity to interact with fellow craft enthusiasts. 

Tim Tate and Sean Hennessey have just returned from taking a James Renwick Alliance (JRA) tour out to North Carolina’s Penland School of Crafts for the Annual Benefit Auction. Additionally,  the “Tour with Tate” visited the studios of some of the most talented artists surrounding Asheville. For this post – we will tag along with the JRA as they visit some of the artist studios.

Michael Sherrill’s incredible studio 

Michael Sherrill’s ceramic artwork

Ceramist Michael Sherrill has been making pots for more than twenty years. Originally, his work was completely functional, but it has evolved into work that is now wholly sculptural. He is one of the most thoughtful and articulate sculptors of our time.

Michael Sherrill talking about his work

Hoss Haley has worked in metal for over twenty years, creating sculpture, paintings, and public art. Hoss’s work is in several collections including Lowes Corporation, McColl Centerfor Visual Art, and the Mint Museum of Craft + Design.

Hoss recycles objects like washing machines and cars – often crumpling them into ball shapes mounted to walls or stacked.
Christina Cordova & Pablo De Soto’s studio was visited as part of the tour. This husband and wife team operate their amazing studios on the grounds of Penland itself. Pablo’s beautiful glass blown vessels were loved by all and Cristina Cordova’s incredible ceramics were a highlight to the tour. 

Christina Cordova talks about her recent works.
Christina Cordova’s work is awesome.
Pablo De Soto charms Fred and Susan Sanders
A trip to the Asheville Art Museum  included a personal tour by curator Nancy Sokolove. Also, glass artist Alex Bernstein came to talk about his process.

Alex Bernstein talks to the JRA at the Asheville Art Museum.

Dan Essig’s wordless works of art are sewn, woven and carved into magnificent artists’ books and sculptures. Dan’s works incorporates so many things -fossils, shells, coins and old nails—into his artwork. 

Dan Essig talks of his work
No trip to Asheville would be complete without a visit to the famous Blue Spiral Gallery. This amazing gallery currently has up work from the “Glass Secession” exhibit – that includes works by Christina Bothwell, Tim Tate, Michael Janis, Susan Taylor Glasgow and Sean Hennessey.

A view of the Blue Spiral 1 Gallery.
Stoney Lamar works in sculptural woodturning. His work is in such collections as High Museum of Art (Atlanta), American Craft Museum (NY), Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institute, Yale University Gallery of Art, Mint Museumof Craft & Design (NC), Minneapolis Institute of Art, Wustum Museum of Fine Arts and the Detroit Institute of Art.

Stoney shows some of the special woods that Fleur  Bresler  had sourced.
Stoney talked of his process to the tour.
The big show was the drama, anticipation and socializing at the Penland Auction.
Glass sculptor Beth Lipman chats with Susan and Fred Sanders

Dan Clayman with the proud owners of his Penland auction piece….Giselle and Ben Huberman

The annual Penland auction was huge success. Over 600k raised for an incredible place – a new record! Congrats to all who were involved!

Ooh La La! Susan Taylor Glasgow ‘s “Glamorous Lift” @ GAS Auction

>Susan Taylor Glasgow plans to “support” the Glass Art Society by “lifting” the game of the auction. Her Glass Lingerie Set is part of Laura Donefer’s famed fashion show production that will be part of the the Glass Art Society 2012 Conference (June 13 – 17, 2012 in Toledo, OH).
This conference will specially celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Studio Glass Movement.

Laura Donefer had put a call for wearable glass creations as part of the auctions that provide the finale for the GAS conference. Susan Taylor Glasgow (the little minx) was once a seamstress, and now takes her needle and thread to glass. The award winning artist often references images of domestic bliss and nostalgic imagery to create sculpture that is strangely comforting and unexpected.
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Penland Auction Makes New Record


View of Penland Auction tent. Photo by Sean Hennessey.

Penland School of Crafts
held its 26th Annual Benefit Auction this past week. The gala weekend in the North Carolina mountains featuring the sale of more than 230 works in books, clay, drawing, glass, iron, letterpress, metals, painting, photography, printmaking, textiles, and wood. The auction is one of the most important craft collecting events in the Southeast and helps support Penland’s educational programs, which have helped thousands of people to live creative lives.

Artists, Museum Directors and Curators, Collectors, and Art Aficionados were in attendance during the weekend.

Under the tent, the auctions are preceded with cocktails and dinner.

Evan Morgan and jeweler/artist Lola Brooks.

Noted wood art collector Fleur Bresler and her son Ed Bresler.

Glass artist Susan Taylor Glasgow.

Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Executive Director of the Fuller Craft Museum and glass/concrete artist Sean Hennessey.

Collectors had a chance to look thru the Penland catalog at amazing works.

This summer’s Penland Auction made a record amount of over $600,000 raised with over 550 people attending, not to mention a hundred local volunteers!

One of the highest bid pieces was Tim Tate’s “Four Seasons”….a cast glass and video series sculpture, tying the record amount for a non-commissioned with, set by Penland’s favorite potter, Cynthia Bringle.

Tim Tate’s “Four Seasons”

Showcasing the artwork during the auction.

Tim’s work on the auction screen.

Want to see a vid of the actual record-tying auction? Click on image below to watch the auction
of Tim’s artwork.