Call for Glass Art about COVID

“VIRAL GLASS: Artists Responses to COVID-19”

The past year has been devastating for everyone around the world. While the medical and social impact of Covid-19 are undeniable, this pandemic has also deeply influenced the making of art in every area of creative initiative.

This on-line exhibition looks specifically at how glass artists around the world are responding to the Pandemic. While some have focused on the virus itself and the fear it instills, others have explored the depth and intensity of world-wide isolation. Other creative individuals have focused on how this disaster can bring communities together, or how it has torn us apart. In any case, artists in every field have contributed to keeping the world moving. What has your pandemic artwork centered on?
Viral Glass, a new web-based virtual exhibition will focus on the incredible work of international glass artists showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness during the Coronavirus pandemic. This show will mark the long anticipated return of David McFadden, who was Chief Curator of the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC for 16 years, to our field as guest curator for this show. In addition to being an international forum for artists to share their concerns and visions, cash prizes will also be offered.

Habatat Galleries in Royal Oak, MI will be managing the logistics for this project, scheduled to open on-line on May 1st, 2021. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this show, please send up to 3 images, a CV, and a brief description of technique and what this piece means to you to Deadline for images will be March 19th. All artists will be notified before April 15th.

Each artist will be invited to create their own virtual experience online that will be shared through the website.

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