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>The Washington Glass School has finally moved forward with the secure online class registration option pf PayPal! (Yay! Huzzah! About Time!)

Now when you look online at the list of classes, register yourself right then and there – immediate gratification (finally!)

Have a look at the class list below – registration is now easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Washington Glass School’s

Spring & Summer Schedule 2010
Class 1014 – Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend
Class 1015 – Lighting Solutions For Your Home
Class 1016 – Beginning Sculptural Flameworking
Class 1017 – The Next Step in Sculptural Flameworking
Class 1018 – Bowls Bowls Bowls
Class 1019 – Bullseye Glass Rollup Class
Class 1020 – Get Your Imagery In the Glass Workshop
Class 1021 – Basics of Lost Wax Casting
Class 1022 – Beginning MIG Weldng
Class 1023 – Photographic Image Transfer on Glass Workshop
Class 1024 – Open Studio
Seminar 222 – “Social Networking & Marketing Your Art”
Seminar 333 – Demo “Inflating Fused Glass by guest artist Matt Szosz”

Seminar 444 – Special Day of Photographing Your Art

Class registration

Pop-Up Project Art Exhibition


Amy Morton of Morton Fine Art will have the grand opening for a pop-up project, a series of innovative, curated art exhibitions and events that “pop-up” at various locations throughout Washington, DC this Friday, March 26, 2010.

The first exhibition, I Dream Awake runs from March 26 to May 28, 2010 at625-627 E St, NW, Washington, DC (the former Numark Gallery space in Penn Quarter).

I Dream Awake is a curated selection of works that presents original artist expressions which explore the link between awakened realities and unconscious dreams. The exhibition includes artwork in various media by New York artists, Mikel Glass, Kenichi Hoshine and Margaret Bowland; Los Angeles artists Vonn Sumner and Susan Burnstine; and local artists Rosemary Feit Covey, Laurel Hausler, Lizzie Newton and our glass guru, Tim Tate.

Amy Morton says of her first pop-up show: “The premise for the opening exhibition, came to me in the form of a dream a few months ago. I have long valued how my mind works while I am asleep, particularly in the realm of creativity and problem-solving. Coded answers to core questions regarding the individual or collective human condition can be accessed, digested and discovered in the gray area between the conscious and the unconscious…I Dream Awake is a selection of talented artists from DC, NYC and LA that highlights the power of this area of the human mind and how it affects and moves us”.

The formal opening reception with the artists in attendance will be held on Friday, March 26th from 6 – 9pm.