Debra Ruzinsky To Toss Challengers Into The (Glass) Heap

glass.heap.textWe are excited to share that our Debra Ruzinsky is one of 6 international artists who have been invited to participate in a glass art event at Sweden’s Glass Factory Museum in Boda GlasbrukDebra will be part of an international collaboration that includes GAS, Matthew Durran, London, and Linnaeus University which deals with new sustainable ways of working with glass as a resource: The Glass Heap Challenge – taking place October 7 to October 15,

The idea of the Glass Heap Challenge, as conceived of by Matt Durran, is to challenge the creativity of artists, designers and glass protagonists to find and demonstrate unique, creative and inspiring works which show ways to utilize stockpiled waste glass. This not only brings a greater level of awareness to the potential of upcycling glass but also provokes discussion on how to make better use of waste material in general.

The Glass Heap Challenge doesn’t follow any established and elaborate plan – is inclusive and embraces the element of uncertainty. No one knows ahead of time what sort of raw materials will be on hand, often what type of space will be available, what kind of equipment or technical assistance will be on site, and indeed, as some of the teams are made up of people who have never met each other, who they will be working with. This uncertainty inspires the participants to meet the Challenge with a much greater level of energy and excitement than a more structured approach would give. The resulting finished pieces create a legacy of art works, objects and products to inspire and add value to future markets.

Good Luck Debra! Represent!!