Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibit: Divergent Materiality

Arizona’s Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art features contemporary glass art in an exhibit that blends historical methods with current interests, resulting in stunning and divergent artworks. Curated by Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art Lauren R. O’Connell, the show highlights contemporary glass artists-both masters and emerging-whose innovative approaches to using glass have advanced the medium’s discourse within contemporary art. The exhibition, titled “Divergent Materiality” was developed from a collaboration with four local glass art collector couples: Judy and Stuart Heller, Linda and Sherman Saperstein, Sharon and Fred Schomer, and Gail and Dan Tenn.

Tim Tate, "Bitcoin.. Wealth in the 21st Century"

Tim Tate, “Bitcoin.. Wealth in the 21st Century”


Divergent Materiality: Contemporary Glass Art
May 25 – October 13, 2019
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
7374 East Second Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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