Roll-up your glass! How warm and hot glass can live in harmony.

Some pix of the great work made by the roll-up class – where the students made a fused glass panel here at the Washington Glass School, and the following week, the class was held at DC Glass Works, where the fused panel gets…. well… rolled-up and blown into vessel shapes.

The rollup class gets a history of the process from Audrey Wilson

This process gets all the benefits of fused glass— creating differing inside and outside imagery, precise color placement, and full cross-sections of color. 

The flat fused panels get rolled up and blown.
Audrey and Dave working in the DC Glassworks hotshop.
This fused panel…
…became this sweet vessel.
Betsy Mead’s fused glass artwork transformed…
…into 3-D sculpture.
Tracy Benson’s fish panel flat…
…now ready to hold sharks and mermaids!
The blown work getting ready for the anneal cycle at the hot shop.

 A great class and a great time!

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