Preview of Tate @ SOFA

>Tim Tate has a big show coming up at SOFA Chicago – (opening next week at Navy Pier – in Maurine Littleton Gallery – Space 720) He will be unveiling his newest works that continue integration of new media – his cast & blown glass features LED technology, sometimes with the LEDs in the blacklight range, illuminating uranium glass . The work is made with cast glass peace symbols, flowers, Ganesh heads, toadstools and more. The top finial is a cast glass hookah smoking caterpiller. The piece is lighted internally with black light LED’s. This gives the cast pieces a truly wonderful inner black light glow.

Tim Tate “Summer of Love” 24″H x 10″ x 10″ blown and cast glass, blacklight LED

“Summer of Love” Detail

This represents a wonderful departure from his well known video/camera series. There is an early offering of the piece – an online auction of the work as a kind of early advance preview – Click HERE to jump to the special Ebay listing of the art.

Tim’s series of internally lit works are titled “Illuminaria”.
here to see other works of Tim @ Maurine Littleton Gallery.

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