Pancakes and Booze DC Art Show Opens April 13th!

Want a fun arts event that is definitely not the staid cheap-wine-and-cheeze snoozefest? D.C.’s Pop-Up Underground Art Show is BACK on April 13th, 2023 at Hook Hall – 3400 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20010.

The LA based event originated in 2009 and has since popped up more than 500 times in 35+ cities around Europe & North America.

Batter sizzles, beer foams, and canvas lines the walls from ceiling to floor as hundreds, if not thousands, of revelers indulge in endless pancakes and live music.

This is no stuffy wine-and-cheese, pretentious, someone-gag-me art event. It’s an innovative reimagining of the art show concept. A welcoming vibe for up-and-coming artists and musicians to strut their stuff in a free verse, anything goes environment. DC’s version of the art fest is tomorrow, April 13th! Look for fun and affordable glass artworks by WGS artists Christina Helowicz, Gaby Morris and Daphne Matyas!

Instagram @ pancakesandbooze

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