Michael Janis’ Solo Show @ Maurine Littleton Gallery Opens Sept 16


American Craft Council’s interview with Michael Janis about his solo exhibit at Maurine Littleton Gallery.

Washington Glass School Co-Director Michael Janis will have a solo exhibition of new glass works and sculptures at Georgetown’s Maurine Littleton Gallery. The exhibit,  “Echoes of Leaves and Shadows“,  is the artist’s first solo exhibition with Maurine Littleton Gallery, and the first at the gallery since artist Ginny Ruffner’s solo show in 2012.

Michael Janis has developed and refined an intuitive technique over many years where he manipulates crushed glass powder into detailed images and portraits. An artist who embraces the simple expression of narrative, Janis’ concise work perfects visual storytelling with fantastic imagery. His work explores the unseen sides of life, longing and loneliness, juxtaposed with fragile beauty. 

The American Craft Council interviewed Michael about his new works and artwork directions – this article is now online. Click HERE to jump to the American Craft article.

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