Michael Janis Opens the New Duane Reed Gallery

>The prestigious Duane Reed Gallery has moved to 4729 McPherson Ave. in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. This move, which coincides with the gallery’s fifteenth anniversary, will allow the gallery significantly more space and locates it in a vibrant neighborhood with restaurants, galleries and other businesses.

The Re-Opening Celebration Friday, May 15, 2009.
The gallery will present the work of internationally acclaimed fiber sculptor, John McQueen and Washington Glass School’s Michael Janis as the inaugural exhibitions in the new space.

The exhibitions will open Friday, May 15th with an opening that evening from 6 – 9pm. The exhibitions will run through June 13th.

McQueen uses willow branches, bark, burrs and other natural materials that he strings together to create stunning basket-like sculptures. McQueen “weaves willow twigs into flat open work panels, that are tied together with wax string and built into sculptural constructions. Some works are cage-like while others resemble familiar objects — a book, a desk calendar, a painting.” Michael Janis @ St Louis’ Duane Reed.
Dealing with themes of identity and transformation, Michael Janis’ work involves kiln-working fused glass images together in an uneasy juxtaposition, or creating a transparent environment where reflections and shadows remove all boundaries. With a technique called “sgraffito”, the figures and forms are shaped by manipulating glass dust with sifters, brushes and scalpel blades. The delicate nature of glass powder is exploited and the slightest tap can change the frit powder images.

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