JRA Panel: The Decorative in Contemporary Craft

The JRA Spring Craft Weekend panel discussion dealt with decorative. In the high modern era, decoration was forbidden; everything was “form follows function.” Craft, however, was often covertly decorative. Now craft embraces a whole range of the decorative, from the conceptual to the riotously ornamental. 

Called the “Best Panel Discussion ever during Spring Craft Weekend” – the talk at the Smithsonian American Art Museum was recorded and is now available online!

Click on image below to connect to the webcast and watch as artist, scholar, and author Bruce Metcalf moderate the diverse panel as they explore the contemporary decorative impulse: its intentions, meanings, and devices. Panel included Ulysses Dietz, chief curator and curator of decorative arts, Newark Museum of Art; Garth Clark, specialist in modern and contemporary ceramic art; Judith Schaechter, stained glass artist; and Molly Hatch, ceramist.. The run time is approximately 1hr 42 mins. diverse panel explored the contemporary decorative impulse: its intentions, meanings, and devices. 

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