James Renwick Alliance Distinguished Artist: Chris Antemann

Chris Antemann, Covet, 2013

Chris Antemann, Covet, 2013

American ceramicist Chris Antemann was invited by the James Renwick Alliance (JRA) to be featured as part of the 2018 Distinguished Artist Series.  Join the JRA on March 10 & 11 for a lecture and workshop by Oregon-based sculptor Chris Antemann and find out more about her sexy and beautiful scenes in ceramics that depict the kind of parties that sadly, I’ll never be invited to. JRA.chris-antemann.renwick.katzen



Chris Antemann’s  figurative pieces offer a fascinating telescoping narrative — stories within stories, contemporary commentary layered onto 18th century pieces in traditional forms. Her collaboration with Meissen, the German porcelain factory, has produced a body of work with rich insight into our own culture, a vehicle for the artist’s “twisted tales” about domestic rites, social etiquette and taboos.

Artist Workshop:
Saturday, March 10  |  9:30am – 12:00pm
White Point Studio  |  3708 Wells Avenue, Mt. Rainer, MD
$50 members  |  $60 non members
$175 for all 4 workshops, members only

Chris Antemann will discuss her ceramic figures and her work with Meissen. The morning begins with a brief meet-and-greet with the artist over coffee and pastries. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to attend a potluck dinner with the artist on Saturday evening. Space may be limited.

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Free Lecture:
Sunday, March 11  | 2pm – 3pm
American University Katzen Arts Center  |  4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC

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