Inflatable Float Glass


One of the ‘Rising Star’s honored at Wheaton Arts this year at Glass Weekend is Matthew Szosz .
Matt has received a BFA, a BID (Industrial Design), and a MFA (Glass) from Rhode Island School of Design. Recently he has received the Pilchuck Scholarship, a Stein Fund Grant and the Award of Excellence in Graduate Studies from RISD. He was an Artist in Residence at Pilchuck in 2007, and a Wheaton Fellow in 2008.

Matt gets his elemental energy out inflating fused sheets of float glass into sculptural glass “envelopes”. Hot glass is explosive – the stillness of the final form is belied by the frenetic urgency of the process.

Matthew describing his technique @ Wheaton

One thought on “Inflatable Float Glass

  1. >i am dumbfounded by how cool that is, and totally perplexed by his process. The resulting pieces are almost as amazing as watching him create them!

    thanks for your blog – it keeps me determined to learn more and more about glass and its properties every time I read it!

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