Hirshhorn – Tear Down These Walls


Tim Tate with Marc Petrovic Cure for Intelligent Design

Blown and cast glass, electronics, video

Museum of Arts and Design

photography by Anything Photographic

detail of Cure for Intelligent Design
Part of “Dead or Alive” exhibit at NYC’s Museum of Arts and Design
photography by Anything Photographic

A Facebook campaign to get Tim Tate’s work into the Hirshhorn Museum is underway. The group is dedicated to dedicated to convincing the curatorial staff and acquisition committee of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden to finally purchase and exhibit some of the amazing video art pieces from Tim Tate.

The Washington Glass School’s Tim Tate is one of the most renowned award winning artists in this region. He works in self-contained video installations and projections.

Click HERE to jump to the Facebook group.

Tim has four exhibits on right now:
- Swanson Reed Gallery, Louisville, KY.
- Fuller Museum, Brockton, MA.
- Scope Art Basel, Switzerland with San Francisco’s Micaela Gallery, June 15-20, 2010

- Museum of Arts and Design, Dead or Alive, New York, NY

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