Hamiltonian SOFAlab @ Washington Glass School


Hamiltonian SOFAlab meeting at L- R
Helen Frederick, Erwin Timmers, Paul So, Caroline Wellberry, Shanti Norris

Hamiltonian Artists seeks to broaden the cultural dialogue within our modern community. One of the arts program to further the dialogue is SOFAlab – where scientists and artists are paired for collaborative interaction. SOFAlab asks: How and where do art and science – two seemingly disparate disciplines of intellectual inquiry – overlap? And, at that confluence, what can practitioners of both disciplines learn to expand their unique fields of knowledge and to affect consciousness?

Hamiltonian Artists, Smith Farm Center for the Healing Arts and George Mason University have been furthering the dialog thru a series of “laboratory/studio” exchanges in which artists are be invited to observe and participate in laboratory sessions and scientists will be invited into artist’s studios for collaborative projects. Exploring similarities and differences in how scientists and artists use experimentation and visualization in their search for larger truths and making sense of the universe. The leader in recycled glass artwork, Erwin Timmers is collaborating with scientist Caroline Wellberry in the latest project.

Funding for this program was provided by:

Center for Consciousness and Transformation, George Mason University

with support from Hamiltonian Artists, Smith Farm Center for Healing and the Arts,

and George Mason University School of Art & Design.

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