Dr Claudia Rousseau reviews DC GlassWorks show

The Gazette Newspaper reviews DC GlassWorks show (now thru Aug 18) at the Montpelier Arts Center. 

Dave D’Orio and Henrik Sundqvist – “Spray”
engraved hand-blown glass, cast aluminum, paper; photo Pete Duvall

Lavishing praise on the glass artwork – Dr Rousseau writes about Dave D’Orio’s artwork:  At the entrance of the large and airy gallery space one finds his recent collaborative work called “Spray.” Made with the help of printmaker Henrik Sundqvist, the work is comprised of five hand-blown glass spray bottles with cast aluminum heads. Detailed glass engravings of insects grace the exteriors, and there are tags made of folded paper on which are etched the name of some kind of insect spray, images of insects and baroque crosses. The elegance of this work, each spray bottle set on its own little shelf against a gray wall, cannot be overstated. The critical narrative is clear here: these same vessels that look so beautiful to us are death to the creatures that are depicted on them. For D’Orio it’s more the facts of the situation that appeal to him. Spray bottles are a common object, found everywhere. Yet not like these. Confronting the conundrum of “ours against theirs” in this way brings many issues to mind, and forces the viewer to think about his/her own relation to the environment and our actions in relation to it. Yet, the remarkable effect of the work remains largely aesthetic….”
Click HERE to read the full article online. (Scroll down to “DC Glassworks”).
DC Glassworks
Montpelier Arts Center, 9652 Muirkirk Road, Laurel. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For information call 301-377-7900. 

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