Bullseye Glass Reaches Agreement With Oregon DEQ: Glass Will Flow!

Our long national nightmare is over.

Bullseye Glass Co. has signed an agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The Mutual Agreement and Order (MAO) signed today allows Bullseye (BE) to continue the process, started in February, of installing emissions control technology on their factory furnaces.

A pilot emissions control system (baghouse) is already in place, which allows BE to make limited quantities of reds, oranges, and yellows. Starting in mid-July, BE has announced plans to bring a second baghouse online, which should allow the factory to resume making most other styles in limited quantities.

According to the BE release, inventory of many styles will remain low until after BE has a third, larger system installed and operational in August.

At that time, Bullseye hopes to return to previous production and staffing levels.

addendum June 8, 2016: 

In the good news, bad news realm: The good news is that both Bullseye and Uroboros have reached an agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and are moving toward putting filters on their furnaces so they can get back to making glass full time. For the bad news -Bullseye Glass advises that a price increase is on the way. Effective August 1st, Bullseye will increase glass prices a hefty 12.5%. That will likely make the retail price of some of their gold glasses exceed $350 per sheet. Evidently the price increase is across the line, even extending to Tekta clear, which wasn’t impacted by the environmental issues. 

Happy to see the companies take steps not to pollute – but its gonna cost ya.

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