Set-Up @ Artomatic

>The artists are out in force, setting up their artwork and info about the glass school.
Tim Tate and Erwin Timmers installing artwork.

Laurel Lukaszewski and Novie Trump setting up their ceramic artwork on Level 8.

Erwin Timmers works on the electrical connections.

Nancy Donnelly stops in from her artwork on Level 9 to see how progress is on Tim Tate’s artwork.

Duane Reed Gallery

>Duane Reed Gallery celebrated their 15th anniversary and relocation to the trendy Central West End in St Louis this May. The inaugural exhibition (May 15 – June 13) features fiber sculptor John McQueen and Washington Glass School artist Michael Janis.
L-R Merrill Straus, Duane Reed, Michael Janis, John McQueen, Glenn Scrivner, Gaby Schaefer Naus

Michael Janis talks about his work and techniques.