2-D or not 2-D. That is the Question. DCAC Call for Submissions in Group Show

The District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC) invites submissions for “The Drawing Board,” a group exhibition focusing on the role of drawing in a sculptor’s process.

The 2-D surface plays a different part for every 3-D artist. For some it is a crude napkin drawing or a detailed set of blueprints. Others may find their work reverting or evolving into a finished drawing, where the paper suits their needs. 

DCAC seeks 2-D submissions that illustrate an important step in the 3-D studio practice.

This special exhibition is curated by artist and professorial lecturer Cory Oberndorfer.

Exhibition Date: Jan 15 – Feb 14, 2016
Entry Deadline: 11:59pm EST on Dec 4, 2015

-Submit up to 3 entries, each entry no larger than 1MB. 
-Submissions must include images, image list, and CV. 
-All submissions are welcome, but preference will be given to CAA members. Please note your membership with your submission.

All submissions and questions send to cory@coryoberndorfer.com

DCAC is truly a grassroots organization. Emerging and underserved artists need places like DCAC to gain the experience and explore their craft to continue to be productive artists. DCAC is truly the home of the alternative, the unusual and the unique. The DCAC depends heavily upon the financial contributions of individuals to keep their doors open. Annual membership is the best way to show support and keep the DCAC programs alive. Click HERE to jump to DCAC page.

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