WGS 10 Year Anniversary Collaborative Artwork Installed


Erwin Timmers and Evan Ross Morgan hoist the glass and steel panels onto the building facade.

The WGS Collaborative Artwork project has been installed on the exterior of the school’s Mount Rainier facility. The steel framework was made by metalworker George Anderton, the insets were created by artists and instructors of the Washington Glass School from the past 10 years.

Artist Laurie Brown creating one of the fused glass insets.

Evan Morgan drills the anchor mounts into the masonry.

Chris Shea joins the building installation race, as the storm clouds gather.

Original Concept Sketch

Architectural Glass Panels installed

The overall artwork, made by the 10 years of artists from the Washington Glass School.

Come by the Glass School and see the artwork in its architectural splendor!

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