Washington Glass School at Wheaton Arts Biennial 2009


General view of Maurine Littleton Gallery space

Millville, NJ’s glass-centric biennial at historic Wheaton Arts was just held. Maurine Littleton Gallery featured the work of Washington Glass School artists Tim Tate, Allegra Marquart and Michael Janis. The events over the weekend included a collector virtual shopping spree – where 4 noted collectors and curators were asked to photograph and present works on exhibit that they would purchase if they each had $250,000. Artwork by Allegra Marquart was selected by Jon Liebman, and a number of Michael Janis’ glass panels were selected by Chis Rifkin.

Michael Janis’ glass panels

Allegra Marquart’s sandcarved panels; Tim Tate’s reliquaries on left.

Tim Tate was honored as a ‘Rising Star for the 21st Century’ and his work was on display at the Museum of American Glass. Tim, along with Marc Petrovic, John Miller, and Laura Donefer participated in a Glass Relay Competition demo.

Glass Relay demo in the hotshop at Wheaton

Tim Tate, Marc Petrovic, John Miller

Cast glass elements by Tim Tate being integrated with blown glass.

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