Recycled Glass Art in Space City


Eco artist Erwin Timmers just returned from spreading the word about fusing recycled glass into artwork at Houston, TX’ Hot Glass Houston studios.

The workshop was great fun, the class was enthusiastic and the facilities were first rate. Erwin said that he is looking forward to returning to H-Town (especially if its a cold winter).

Student working with recycled window glass.

Recycled glass after firing.

2 thoughts on “Recycled Glass Art in Space City

  1. >Ack, I'm so jealous! That class is in my hometown (Spring, TX) and I sometimes go back there to take classes with Bob at HGH. I really wanted to take the recycled glass class, but was unable to because of work commitments… looks like it was a ton of fun!

  2. >This class was so much fun! Thanks Erwin for sharing your wealth of knowledge, and thanks Bob for all your preparation, support and professionalism putting all of the logistics together.