Nicole Puzan – In Memoriam


Nicole Puzan
Studio Coordinator, Glass Artist, Friend

We are sorry to report that our much loved glass studio coordinator passed away yesterday morning. Only 28 years old, Nicole succumbed to a very aggressive ovarian cancer. Our Nicole was a trooper to the end, and we understand that she seemed comfortable as she passed.

Nicole was integral to the Prince George’s County Courthouse public artwork sculpture.

Nicole coordinated many art projects while working in the Washington Glass Studio. Here, Nicole is cleaning a just annealed glass casting that was part of the Vanderbilt University Critical Care Tower.

Nicole celebrating the arrival of Margaret Boozer’s baby in 2009 with the Dutch sweet “beschuit met muisies”.

Nicole shown here plugged through the messy part of studio work.

Nicole was an instructor of classes at the Washington Glass School. Nicole is hown here with artists Cheryl Derricott and Dave Cook.

A mural based on Nicole’s tattoo was painted at the Fridge Gallery in Washington, DC. in 2010.

Services will be held Saturday at 11 am at the Oakton Unitarian Universalist.

8 thoughts on “Nicole Puzan – In Memoriam

  1. >I am saddened to know Nicole is gone. I have one her mirrors hanging in my home. I will always think of her as I look at it. She went to my alma mater VCU and was a sister alum.
    Selma Manizade

  2. >I think I say for all of LSG that she will be missed. Rest in peace and may there be unlimited cashmere wherever you are.

  3. >If anything ever highlighted the importance for women to take care of themselves, seeing Nicole's age is one of them. Women, GO TO THE DOCTOR in Nicole's honour.

    Lots of love and light to her family and friends. Rest in peace, gorgeous.

  4. >Ovarian cancer is a filthy beast – by the time there are symptoms, it's usually too late.

    She obviously touched many, many people, whose lives were surely made better by their interaction with her.

  5. >hey guys, this is nicoles middle brother michael. i just stumbled upon this while posting on her fb page, and i am moved to tears, and really excited to see these pictures of her at work. thank you all for your loving words and for being a part of her creative life, which for her, i know, was life itself, and she taught that to me and i plan to carry it on as long as i live. xoxoxoxo, michael