Commissioned Public Art for Prince George’s County

>In earlier posts we described the Washington Glass Studio’s design for an outdoor public artwork @ the Prince George’s County Circuit Courthouse. The original courthouse was destroyed in a terrible fire in 2004. After the fire was put out, the bell tower cupola structure was salvaged, and the Washington Glass Studio designed a new forecourt sculpture that uses the original cupola structure and copper dome as the basis for the entry artwork at the recently refurbished courthouse.

Installation of the cast glass has started – here are some in-progress photos:

Casting glass components for sculpture in the kiln.

Nicole Puzan sets cast glass into the custom steel frame.

Michael Janis prepares the center inset cast glass panels.

The refurbished cupola onsite at Prince George’s County Courthouse.

Alonzo Davis reviews installation of steel framework.

Installing the glass into the steel.

Erwin Timmers coordinates the metal artwork.

Images of the legal system and community are cast into the glass – the new courthouse can be glimpsed as a reflection in the glass.

Looking thru the glass from the interior of the cupola.

Still to be installed – the neon elements and the outdoor seating.

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