Sean Hennessey Solo Exhibit @ DC’s ‘The Dunes’ Opens Oct 4th

Sean Hennessy “The Luxury of Dreams”

The Luxury of Dreams is a series of artworks based on interpretations of dreams submitted to Sean by friends, colleagues, strangers, and social media connections. Using bas-relief cast glass, painting, drawing, and photography, Sean has created a strong and surreal body of works that takes his work to a new level. Based on the situation of the homelessness in DC, this exhibit of dreams will also serve as a fundraiser for charity organization Thrive DC, who perform services for those in need of our Nation’s Capitol.

Sean Hennessey

Sean Hennessey’s “The Luxury of Dreams” came about after a personal experience with a neighborhood homeless man who, with help, was able to turn his life around. Using the crisis of homelessness in our cities came a desire to create an exhibition based on blankets, beds, and shelter. About this, Sean wrote: “I then wondered if the level of security of having a place to sleep affected how we dream. I was thinking about how we all enter the world of dreams, regardless of where we sleep. I thought that I would create a series of works based on the dreams of others. Through conversations … about art and social issues, my idea for The Luxury of Dreams series was born. I started soliciting dreams from friends, colleagues, collectors, other artists, and social media connections.”

Sean Hennessey

Sean works in glass, concrete, steel, light and video, creating narrative content from philosophical, mythological, historical and personal experiences.

Said Sean: “As I was dealing with an uncomfortable issue in the inspiration of this series, and a new way of developing content within my work, I wanted to take a new approach to the creation of the work itself. I decided that I would utilize photography and drawings into glass. After receiving many dreams from friends and strangers I began conceptualizing how I would approach the pieces. At first I thought I would layer photos and drawings with castings of glass Beds and Blankets. I may still create a series in that direction, but I decided for this first series based on dreams that I would pick imagery from the dreams that I felt most connected and relate it to my way of storytelling. Atypical of how I approach a series, each piece will feel different and have different shapes and sizes. I usually like for my series to read like a book, often with each piece the same size and scale; another new way of making work for me.”

The Luxury of Dreams

Opening: Friday, October 4, 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates: October 4-November 15


1402 Meridian Place, NW

Washington, DC 20010

The gallery is located on the second floor. It is 0.3 miles from the Columbia Heights Metro, and there is ample parking in the DC USA building. Click HERE to jump to the event Facebook page.