New Online Lit/Art Journal "Posit"

Posit magazine issue 1. Posit is the love child of literature and art

The first issue of Posit – an online journal of literature and visual art – features (artwork by) Michael Janis as the inaugural cover boy.

Posit was founded by Editor and author Susan Lewis and the Arts Editor is NYC based artist Melissa Stern. Susan has been the managing editor of MadHat Press, MadHat Lit, and MadHat Annual, fiction and poetry editor of Global City Review, and guest editor of Right Hand Pointing and Altered Scale. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and taught creative writing at SUNY, Purchase. Melissa Stern is a studio artist, book designer, arts journalist, and critic living in New York City and Shokan, NY. Her work is exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada. She covers the New York art scene for CityArts and the New York Press.

Arts Editor Melissa Stern said of the inaugural issue artwork: “For Posit 1, it is my pleasure to present the work of three artists whose work shares a sense of elegance and grace. In these galleries, Michael Janis creates sublime narratives of extraordinary depth and dimensionality through the laborious fusing of layer upon layer of glass, bringing precision and construct to a parallel universe where science and reason adhere to their own logic; while Leah Oates’ gentle layers of image and tone build mysterious photographic journeys through countryside and city; a theme taken up by Kyle Gallup’s celebration of the past and possibility of New York, from Coney Island to old theater marquees, alternately documenting a world long-gone and fashioning a fantasy of what it might have been.” 

We wish the best of luck to the new online magazine! For the journal’s submission guidlines – both artwork and literature – click HERE.