What Compels An Artist To Buy Art

>DC based artist Sean Hennessy writes in his blog Paint and Plaster insights on how he and his wife – artist Rania Hassan – actively collect artwork and how they seek out work from local artists.

I wanted to share something very personal to me. our art collection. not pictures or anything, but the artists that we collect. My wife Rania and I have, over the last few years, been trying to collect works of DC area artists. We’re pretty committed to promoting and supporting local art and we have a lot of great friends that happen to be great artists. Place and community and important to us. We also want to shape our collection into something very personal and a narrative of sorts or our life, people and things that we want to be close to. Our collection is one venue and outlet for our creativity. I’ve talked to a number of people recently that want to collect DC art but were uncertain where to begin. I hope this helps those people… as well as just serving as a list for me to remind myself to buy art… and yes, its 100% subjective…

It is great that these artists choose to support the local art scene. I encourage everyone to go to local shows, galleries and artfairs – there are many ways to support the artistic life of your community.

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