Cold + Hot Opens at San Francisco’s Micaela Gallery


San Francisco’s Micaela Gallery opened its COLD + HOT exhibition. The word from the show was that the reception had a good turn out and there were several collectors at the opening.

I hear that there was a nice buzz around Tim Tate’s and Michael Janis’ work – congrats to the gallery and all the artists! Below are some cell phone photos of the gallery set-up.

Michael Janis’ work as seen from the main gallery.

Tim Tate’s videos are exhibited in a special room within the gallery.

Micaƫla Gallery

49 Geary Street, No. 234

San Francisco, CA 94108

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Micaela Gallery’s Cold + Hot

>San Francisco’s Micaela Gallery features the work of Washington Glass School artists Michael Janis and Tim Tate in an exhibition of sculptural glass art titled COLD + HOT 2010.

Micaela Gallery showcases fine art and sculpture, and was one of the best of the US galleries featured at Art Basel, Switzerland. The title Cold + Hot references the processes used by glass artists to form the medium. Featured glass artists include: Peter Bremers, Kathleen Elliot, Michael Janis, Michelle Knox, Weston Lambert, Carol Lawton, Silvia Levenson, Susan Longini, Thomas Scoon, Carmen Spera, Tim Tate and Kristina Uslar.

Tim Tate, whose cross-over work of digital media and video pushes the debate between fine art and craft will be showing his videos in the photograph/video gallery within the main art gallery, along with photographs by Mark Leibowitz.

Michael Janis
‘The High Priestess Tarot’
kilncast glass, glass powder imagery, steel

Tim Tate
‘Dreaming of Ophelia’
Original Video

Micaela Gallery
49 Geary Street, No. 234
San Francisco, CA 94108