Glass Lovers Class

>The first class of 2009 is the beginner’s class – Glass Lovers Weekend.

Jennie Lindstrom and Don Daniels teach this popular class. The class is intensive, but everyone gets to create a number of cool glass objects. Shown here is the class working on a clay positive object that will ultimately be made from cast glass.

A Pepsi can in clay

Our list of classes for the new year!

Our list of classes for the new year!

Class 900 – Beginner’s Glass Lover’s Weekend
Class 901 – Kiln Casting with Lea Topping
Class 902 – Cobalt Blue Bowls!
Class 903 – Beginning MIG Welding
Class 904 – Deep Relief Dry Plaster Casting
Class 905 – Making Glass Sconces For Your Home
Class 906 – Mold Making / Concrete Casting & Finishing
Class 907 – Studio Access/Open Studio
Plate Glass Class
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