Alison Sigethy’s Kinetic Glass Works @ Florida’s Leslie Curran Gallery

alison sigethy glass artWGS artist and instructor Alison Sigethy will be showing her signature sculptures of colorful glass works created as an artistic tribute to the beauty and mystery of the sea at the Leslie Curran Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. The exhibition pairs Richard Seidel’s lively figurative paintings inspired by coastal trips and artist residencies in Venice, Madrid, and the French Riviera with Alison Sigethy’s innovative kinetic glass sculptures, Sea Cores, which combine water, light, bubbles and glass to reflect the dazzling visual array of deep sea environments.

Alison explains, “I like things that move. I have always been fascinated by the patterns, rhythms, and randomness of motion, so, I use movement — both physical and optical — to animate my work. I’m not simply trying to catch the viewer’s attention, but their imagination, as well.”

alison.sigethy.seaformAlison graduated from Marymount University in Arlington with degrees in interior design and art history. Today, her work focuses on issues such as ocean conservation, sustainability, ecology and education.

Alison works can also be seen at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. 

GOOD VIBRATIONS: Richard Seidel & Alison Sigethy
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 13th, 2016
6:00-9:00 p.m.

The Leslie Curran Gallery
1431 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg
(727) 898-6061