Michael Mangiafico Flamework Workshop


Michael Mangiafico works thru the detailed steps to create incredibly articulated lampworked sculpture.

Michael Mangiafico (aka ‘Fig’) has been working thru an awesome workshop at the Washington Glass School this weekend, taking students on a journey thru the insect world, working with them to make glass bugs.

Fig shows how to do an ant right.

Soon glass ants are everywhere!

And they became unintentionally irradiated and thus become THEM!

Head For Art Interviews Lenny Campello


Head for Art‘s Aleid Ford interviews Lenny Campello of DC Art News about his upcoming 100 Washington Artists book.
Since Lenny has announced his work on the book and the artists included, a lot of interest and commentary has erupted – who is included, who should have been included, snarky gripes and complaints left and right. Aleid held the interview with Lenny at the Washington Glass School. (Full disclosure – WGS directors Erwin Timmers, Michael Janis and Tim Tate are all included in the initial 100 Washington, DC artists book).

click on photo to jump to video interview