Joseph Cavalieri Glass Painting Class!

Joheph Cavalieri class review of work

The man is Back! Award-winning artist and educator Joseph Cavalieri returns to the Washington Glass School for a great intensive workshop over President’s Day weekend! His class last year was so much fun!  joseph.cavalieri.class.chicken

Class 2603 – Glass Silk Screening and Painting w/Joseph Cavalieri (Class 2603)

This workshop will cover numerous painting on glass techniques, some dating from Medieval times, but most developed in modern times. Students will learn hand painting, airbrushing, inking, and silk-screening processes using kiln fired enamels. The main emphasis of the class is silk-screening techniques. A variety of silk-screens with patterns, graphics and photographs will be available for the class to use. The glass is kiln fired to make these images permanent on the top surface of the glass, which is called a polish fuse. Demonstrations on how to frame and light the work will be shown. Three professional practice lectures will be presented to provide insight for beginners and professionals. These include how to “package yourself”, “market your art”, and “successfully get into artist residencies”.
Students can choose to leave the class with one finished work or a stack of painted glass samples, or both!
* We will not be making the screens, but students have the option of bringing their own silk-screens, and will be directed how to after they sign up.


Taking inspiration from pop culture, New York native Joseph Cavalieri has reinvented painted stained glass as an expression of a personal vision. His background is in graphic design, working as art director in magazines in Manhattan including GQ, People and Good Housekeeping. Joseph’s glass art explores form, space and perspective using techniques of fired and layered painted glass that dates back to Medieval times, mixed in with a unique sense of humor.

Join Joseph Cavalieri in this special workshop that focuses on glass painting techniques and also special talks on professional practice tips.

Instructor:Joseph Cavalieri
Dates:Presidents Day Weekend (Feb. 18,19,20)
Time:10am to 5pm (bring a bag lunch)
Tuition: $500 per student

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